Kit Harington expressed his feelings with the end of Game of Thrones

adminJanuary 11, 2019

After not having enjoyed in 2018 not a single new chapter in the series "Thrones Games", the fans must meet confused feelings with end of the sequel. And is it the last 12 months left in intrigue and anxiety, without knowing what will happen to his favorite characters, and since it is the end of this production that has had half the world pending the chapters.

The actor Kit Harington, who gives life to the character Jon Snow, declared it "The last season was designed to make us think" Yes, I'm tired of this "(…) PIt seems that the last season was designed to destroy us". However, these comments are not surprising because Harington has experienced several moments of excitement and effort in the sequences of the series.

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"Everyone was destroyed at the end. I don't know if we were crying sad because it was over or if we were crying because we were tired. We missed hours of sleep, "the actor said.

He also added that "It's like a prisoner who has almost turned a decade and give him his civilian clothes before he gets there at dawn, then it is close to the end that you can taste it. "

Harington did not claim to be the only one who burned that stage, "I remember everyone at the end, says, "I've had enough"he said. But we must emphasize that someone Actors have been performing for almost ten years these signs and follow a hard pace of shooting. "I've loved this, it's been the best in my life, I will miss it one day, but I'm done."

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