Kim Kardashian's birthday messages from his family will remind you how close the Kardashian-Jenners are

adminOctober 21, 2018

It's the end of Libra's season, and that means it's time for one of the biggest stars of real television to celebrate his birthday. On Sunday, Kim Kardashian received her family's birthday messages on social media, and her wishes show that this family is still so close. On Instagram, both Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner took the time to post a message for Kim, who celebrated his 38th birthday on October 21. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner shared her birthday message to her older sister through an Instagram story, while her mother wrote a message. Beautiful ode to your daughter.

The family was sure to share love online with flashback photos and special messages. Khloé shared a photo presentation with Kim and included a long message for her sister about how she is still impressed by her. The good American founder wrote:

Happy birthday sweet Kimberly! All my life, you've always been someone I admire. For me, you are a super woman! I'm not sure how you do everything and make everything look so easy. People have no idea how disinterested you are of a human being. Without credit, I did not want either.

Her message continued to recognize how much the sisters have spent over the years and how lucky they are to be there to help them, even when their lives change unexpectedly. Khloé continued:

I am so impressed by the woman, the wife and the mother that you have become. I am very grateful that we approached last year. You are a f ****** rider! Without you I would miss out! Something happens to us all the time, but how lucky do we have to be able to experience this madness called life with one another? I know with certainty that no matter what happens to any of us, we will always be fine because we have each other. I hope you have the happiest birthday of Keeks! I pray that every wish you have will come true. You are so deserving! I love you!! Until the end of time, I love you !!!

The sweet message definitely seems to allude to how motherhood has approached Khloé and Kim since the birth of Little True earlier this year.

Of course, Khloé was not the only member of the family who sent Kim a happy birthday message. Kylie shared a video of the makeup collaboration of Kim X Kylie in her Instagram story, subtitled the photo: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMY I LOVE YOU" with an emoji party hat.

Kylie Jenner / Instagram Story

Kris Jenner also shared a photo collage on Instagram and included a note on the special day as well. She wrote:

"Happy birthday, Kim Kardashian, my beautiful girl, I love you and I adore you and I wish you the most incredible day and year … you have brought us all that love, joy and happiness, you are the best mother, wife, sister , daughter and friend and I am more than blessed to be your mother. "

In his Instagram story, Kris also shared a preview of a keeping up with the Kardashians birthday marathon.

Finally, Kendall honored her older sister by sharing videos of the iconic (and super nostalgic) Kanye West video she made for his wife in 2016. Kendall subtitled her post with "Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister @kimkardashian."

West was dedicated to spreading the birthday love this year as well. He shared his surprise gift for Kim – Awesome flowers – in social networks. The Kardashian-West family is known for taking out all the stops when it comes to gifts. In August, West surprised Kim with a lime-green Mercedes SUV that had fallen in love with driving while on vacation. It must have been difficult to choose another significant gift, but he managed to choose the perfect thing. Instead of buying a normal bouquet, West adorned her home with unique floral arrangements that hung from the ceiling.

There was something else in the birthday present: West also had a piano player waiting to play music when he woke up. On Twitter, he shared a video of the scene, writing:

"You're awesome, I'll keep trying to do things that can express how beautiful you are inside and out and how much I love you and our family."

Kim loved the present, and she shared the video of the birthday surprise On twitter. She wrote: "The most beautiful birthday flowers in the world! I have the most creative and sweet husband! Thank you, baby, I love you so much!"

The Kardashian-Wests did everything possible to celebrate Kim's special day. From the extravagant flowers to the best wishes on social networks, the whole team came together to send Kim the best on his birthday. It is clear that no matter how much drama the fans see in keeping up with the Kardashians, this family is all about love.

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