Kim Kardashian: She gives 22,000 euros to a friend at risk

adminNovember 29, 2018

Your wealth, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, do not hesitate to use it for the good of others! The couple again showed their generosity by donating a large amount of money to a close relative, victim of a serious car crash. $ 25,000 will help to pay for these medical expenses …

On Monday 29th of October, Marcus Hyde had a serious car crash in Malibu. The photographer made a drive after losing control of the vehicle and ended his race in a gap almost 200 meters below. After the accident, Marcus Hyde led several sync operations. A helicopter took him to Ronald Reagan Hospital at UCLA University.

One month after the tragedy, Marcus Hyde is still in hospital. A pot is created on the internet and calls on dear and fans to make small contributions to pay for medical expenses. Kim Kardashian shared the link on Twitter and donated on her behalf and her husband 25,000 dollars (almost 22,000 euros).

The purpose of this collection was $ 10,000.

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