Kim Kardashian shares the photo of North and True Playing

adminOctober 13, 2018

True cousin of bonding!

On Friday, Kim Kardashian West posted an Instagram photo of daughter North playing with Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True, on the youngest's first birthday.

"Cousin Love 💕", Kim subtitled the photo on Instagram.

North, 5, is wearing an adorable pink dress and matching socks while True is wearing a nice white dress and a silver bow.

Kim's eldest sweetly showed the 6-month-old girl how an activity cube worked.

Aunt Kourtney Kardashian also celebrated True's birthday on Friday with a photo of herself flaunting her flat stomach.

"Half the night, when my real niece was born," Kourtney, 34, wrote. "Today is 6 months old".

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The photo of the cousins ​​is Kim's first publication on Instagram since her husband Kanye West visited President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday.

"Kim is very uncomfortable and unhappy with the whole situation," a source told PEOPLE.

"She finds Kanye brilliant, so she gets angry when he takes these public comments and introduces himself as someone who is not well," the source added.

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On Thursday, Kanye explained that he had been wrongly diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

"Kim's family thinks they need help, but Kanye does not need it, so it will not happen," the source added.

Khloé, 34, opened on Instagram for the last six months since True's birth, which was marred by Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal.

"In 6 months, you can be in the same place or in a better place," wrote Good Story, the founder of Good American. "Focus every day on improving your health, wealth and happiness. It will take time, but you can make it happen. "

Khloe Kardashian / Instagram

Khloe Kardashian / Instagram

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He added in a second publication: "You become a master of your life when you learn how to control where your attention is going, value what you give your energy and your time to."

A source close to the Kardashians told PEOPLE that Khloé still has problems with Tristan, 27, and that she was being postponed to move to Cleveland, where he plays.

"It is, of course, difficult to trust someone 100 percent who cheated days before he was about to become a father," the source said.

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