Kim Kardashian says that the episodes of "KUWTK" are "uncomfortable" for Tristan Thompson Amid Scandal

adminNovember 21, 2018

Kim Kardashian sympathizes with Tristan Thompson.

Although things have been tense between Kim, 38, and Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend and dad in recent episodes of keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim gave Tristan a break during his appearance on Wednesday in The show by Ellen DeGeneres.

Considering that it was a previous appearance in Ellen that led Tristan to block it on social media soon after the cheating scandal broke out, Kim continues to talk about the current drama that is unfolding in the family reality show.

"It's uncomfortable, especially for Tristan, who is not used to this," he says. "Unfortunately, that is what is happening in our lives, so six months later, when it is repeated and they have overcome what they needed to overcome, it is repeated in front of everyone and everyone is sharing their opinions over and over again. I live and everybody is coming in. That's hard for Khloe and I'm sure for Tristan, but it's our reality. "

After fifteen seasons in the air, the family has become accustomed to airing their dirty clothes for spectators to see.

"We have learned to use it as a therapy only to go out for the last time with everyone else," says Kim about having the program pre-recorded months later.

And the whole family understands that these last episodes, which show Tristan's cheating scandal, the fact that Khloe gave birth to her daughter True and the consequences, have been difficult for the designer Good American.

"We'll take care of Khloe, you know, if we live tweeting and maybe she's not in the mood, we'll do it a bit more than her and we'll have those conversations so she does not have to," Kim explains. "She was very brave, she wanted to do it and he's taken care of that and he's fine with that. "

And although Kim points out that the whole family helps edit the show, he assures viewers that what they are seeing is really how things developed.

"There's nothing really taken out, so we'll let everyone see and say," Well, this is what I said about you and that's how I feel about you or you, "he says." It is what it is. "

To see some of the current ones. KUWTK Deployment of the drama, look at the clip below:

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