Kim Kardashian said that marrying Kanye West made her a more private person, which is not a small feat

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It may seem strange to hear one of the most famous people on planet Earth, who is married to another of the most famous people on the planet Earth, but Kim Kardashian said that Kanye West has made her a more private person. In an interview with Alec Baldwin for this Sunday's episode of The show of Alec Baldwin, Kardashian said her husband helped her change her point of view about living in the public eye, according to People. (Not that they can ever completely disappear from that, that would not be very Kardashian).

Kim K. sat down with Baldwin to talk about his life before and after starting a relationship with West in 2012. According to E! The news, 37 years old, said that before Yeezy, Kardashian wanted to see and be seen 24/7/365. She remembered,

"We finished filming our hair and makeup … and when we were finished, I asked myself:" What is the most popular restaurant in Hollywood? Where can I go? Where can I see? Who is there? Are they doing? Oh, my God, is my car washed?

"Everything had to be public to me at the time," he added, so that, as Baldwin said, "feed the machine."

But all that changed with the west. "The majority started with Kanye, because he lived longer … his working life is very public, but when he was away, it was very private," he explained. So she had to reorient her thinking about how to keep her family life somewhat private (although she has lived most of her adult life on television) for the sake of her and the three children of West, North, Saint and Chicago.

"Now I'm like, & # 39; Where are the places where I could go to eat, go on vacation where no one will see us? & # 39; The only thing I want is privacy," he said, "and I never thought that I would ever be at that point ". Pretty sure her fans never thought she would be too, but life is strange.

And while Kardashian says that West has become more private., The privacy interview was recorded on one night of one of West's most recent public outbursts. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter Baldwin said that he and Kardashian sat on the same weekend that West did a misplaced tirade in a MAGA hat at the end of Saturday night live. Baldwin said he was making fun of her, telling her THR, "& # 39; She said: & # 39; I do not necessarily have to believe all of my husband's opinions to support him. He has a right to what he [believes and] He is very passionate & # 39; And I'm like, & # 39; Uh-huh & # 39; "Passionate is definitely a word for that.

However, Kardashian has been quite successful in privately maintaining an incredibly important aspect of his life: motherhood. According to E! In 2013, when she was pregnant with her first baby, North, Kardashian wrote in a blog post addressed to her fans:

"I learned to understand the importance of privacy and limits, something I had not really learned to accept before."

Last year, when she and West had a third child through a substitute, Kardashian did everything she could to respect the privacy of her substitute and keep her out of the public eye.

But if you are worried, that means that Kim Kardashian will vanish in the background, do not worry. She could never do that to her fans. In fact, season 15 (wow, 15) of keeping up with the Kardashians it is being broadcast now.


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