Kim Kardashian poses nude in new beauty spots

adminOctober 18, 2018


That's a way to sell eye shadows!

Kim Kardashian West knew exactly how to capture the attention of fans when she shared an announcement of her latest KKW Beauty effort on Instagram on Thursday. the keeping up with the Kardashians Star, who turns 38 on Sunday, lies naked with her head hanging on the side of a bed covered with silver sheets in the photo. She looks at the camera, with her hands covering her breasts, and a corner of a sheet wrapped under her waist.

"A silver eye this morning," Kim subtitled the photo, which was taken by David LaChapelle.

While Kim's family and friends could not stop spilling over the image, Khloe Kardashian wrote "Impressive!" – Some of his fans threw shadow to the mother of three children for posing nude.

"You have 3 children who grow up," one commentator wrote, and another said, "Imagine that your children see this 10 years later."

"You have a husband," added another. "Right??"

According to Chrissy Teigen, however, it is likely that Kim is not paying too much attention to his enemies. The 32-year-old model recently praised Kim for her ability to ignore negativity in a new interview with fashion.

"A lot of people are really smart about staying on the sidelines," he said. "I'll send something to Kim, a screenshot of the Daily mail, like a ridiculous title, and she'll say: "Is that what's going on? & # 39; And I say: "Kim, this is the biggest story of the week right now! & # 39; Then I'll feel bad because she's probably been saving her sanity by not reading these things, and meanwhile, I'm like, look at this! "

See more about Kim in the video below.


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