Kim Kardashian falls out while beating his breasts

adminDecember 31, 2018

Los Angeles –

Well hello!

That Kardashians like to show what they have is no secret. So it was again this year on the Christmas table. Especially Kim Kardashian made a real eye-catcher with her outfit …

In her white midi dress, the 38-year-old had a very deep look, and she also insisted on sitting on the sled and sled a round.

"I do it all the time": This sin commits Kim Kardashian when she goes to bed (read more here).

The fact that the cloak is not so good for driving, Forget It-Girl probably forgot that moment … If you ever get the opportunity to share with the girlfriend Paris Hilton sled, it can sometimes happen.

Kim Kardashian had to take the breasts again

The first goals were apparently not a problem, as can be seen in the video above at 21:24. But when she reached the bottom, Kim realized that dress was probably the wrong choice for sledding.

Because her breasts had become almost independent in dress and wanted to get some fresh air. But she quickly grabbed it to pack everything again.

Kim Kardashian doesn't care about gaffes

When asked about her faux pas, she says: "First I had to adjust everything again. We were on the ground and everything fell out." So the fun did not pass …

And one of them is particularly pleased: husband Kanye West! "She had a nipple on the Christmas party. I've been waiting for a nipple lamp – and now I'm happy." Well then …


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