Kim Kardashian admits that Kanye West is annoyed by her sexy photos

adminNovember 21, 2018

Kim Kardashian, The show by Ellen DeGeneres

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Millions of people "like" Kim Kardashian& # 39; s sexy selfies, but Kanye West it is not one of them

the keeping up with the Kardashians star stopped by Ellen Degeneres– Homonymous talk show today, where she was asked about a particular image that showed her baking in her bra and underwear. "Okay, well … I was really baking brownies and birthday cake for my friend, I took a girls trip to Palm Springs, those clothes probably had sweating, but sometimes you have to do some things for the & gram & # 39; for Instagram, "the 38-year-old E! said the star. "You know, we do little photos of improvised photos just for Instagram, but I was not out there baking like that."

"I see," said DeGeneres. "Because you could burn yourself!"

"And you could get in trouble with your husband sometimes for as many photos as that!" Kardashian added, noting that "yes" bothered West on occasion. "It's like half and half, because he always wants me to be me and feel confident, and we're having fun, but that also bothers him."

"But then you still do it?" Asked DeGeneres.

"I'm going through the waves," said Kardashian, who has 120 million followers on Instagram. "Sometimes I'm like, OK, I'll be more conservative on my Instagram." And sometimes I really have to get something out if I feel good about myself because I've been training really hard and then I'll post something and he'll Then you just, you know … it's a cycle. "

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