Kim Kardashian admits that "Bothers" Kanye when she posts sexy photos

adminNovember 21, 2018

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment reporter

Kim Kardashian admitted on Wednesday that she "annoys" her husband Kanye West when he posts revealing photos on Instagram.

Kardashian was appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" when DeGeneres asked him about a photo he posted of his cooking in his underwear. (RELATED: Kanye West defends his support for President Trump in Jimmy Kimmel Live)

"Sometimes you can get into trouble with your husband for so many pictures like that," Kardashian said.


DeGeneres asked if he bothered West when he shared such images.

"Yes, it is, it's like half and half," Kardashian explained. "Because he always wants me to be me and to feel confident and we're having fun, but that also bothers him."

The star of reality also said that he does not publish that kind of content all the time.

"I'm going through the waves," she shared. "Sometimes I say" Ok, I'll be more conservative on my Instagram and other times I really need to get something out if I feel good about myself or if I've been working very hard, and then Post something and get angry. It's a cycle. "

Later in the show, DeGeneres, who has lately been on a kick with scaring his guests, scared the reality star by claiming he had a spider in his hand (he did not). Kardashian ran to the audience, complaining that her dress was falling off.

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