Khloe Kardashian's photos of True's "Magdalena de Primo Party" will melt your heart

adminOctober 14, 2018

The real Thompson may only be six months old, but she already knows how to organize a party. Khloé Kardashian celebrated her daughter's first birthday on Friday, October 12 with a "cousin's cupcake party" that brought together the youngest generation of the Kardashian-Jenner family to buy sweet sweets.

And the only thing sweeter than the cupcake trays are the photos that the founder of Good American shared on Instagram of the lovely family celebration.

For her big day, True joined Stormi, the daughter of Kylie Jenner, 8 months old, Dream, of Rob Kardashian, Dream, and the youngest daughter of Kim Kardashian, of two children, Saint, 2 years old, and her younger sister, Chicago, 9 months. The cute cousins ​​kicked a large pink blanket in Khloé's backyard, where they indulged in a variety of iced cupcakes, and a layer cake that Chicago seemed particularly interested. (After all, Kim's children have always been little icons).

"Cousin Cupcake Party !!! 💕" Khloé subtitled the sweet snapshot of True's birthday party, before joking about a possible schism starring a boy from his famous show, writing "Keeping Up With The Kousins ​​💕" . She also shared a photo of herself sitting with the little ones in her Instagram story, where she described the party as the "best day of all".

KhloeKardashian / Instagram Story

The new mother commented on how happy she had been since she welcomed the baby True earlier this week, and wrote that her daughter made all of her dreams come true when she came into the world. "I probably dreamed of you all my adult life," Khloé wrote next to an adorable photo of a true smiling man. "You have exceeded all expectations I had of you! This is LOVE 💕".

Although Khloé has been dealing with rumors of the alleged infidelity of her boyfriend Tristan Thompson since Baby True was born in April, it seems that the reality star has been comforting mostly in motherhood, and tells her how much love she feels for her baby while watching it. she grow

Another "dream" that Khloé has seen made since the birth of her daughter is to see True develop the same close relationship with her cousins ​​that the founder of Good American could enjoy with his own family while growing up. In August, Khloé shared a series of snapshots of True posing for her cousin Penelope while Kourtney's daughter practiced her photographic skills (along with a sample of some of Penelope's polaroids), describing it as one of the "moments I've been waiting for. " !!! "

"How blessed am I ??!" Khloé wrote next to the sweet clicks.

And it seems that the other Kardashian-Jenner sisters are equally excited that their baby True becomes "best friends in life" with their cousins. After Kim's daughter, Chicago, who was born in January, joined Kylie's daughter Stormi shortly after, the sisters revealed that they could not wait for Khloé's little girl to join her "pajama outings" and dates of games.

In May, Kylie revealed in an interview with the Evening Standard that the "baby boom of Kardashian" had brought the adult sisters closer, with Kim saying: "I think that recently you have become closer to all the sisters, especially to Khloé and me, because we were all waiting at the same time". Kylie confirmed that her daughters had also benefited from this new closeness, adding that the trio "meets all the time."

Based on the sweet photos of True's half-birthday party, it looks like that link is one that all younger Kardashian-Jenner babies share. (After all, is not the best part of being born into a large family knowing that you have a built-in support system?) Among all the delicious and sweet delights and the sweet relationships she has with her cousins, it's clear that life for the truth, it's only going to be sweeter.

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