Khloé Kardashian did not mind receiving a gift from Tristan Thompson

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Khloé Kardashian's baby, True, is the best gift she has received.

In April, the founder of Good American received her first child with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson. But unlike his younger sister Kylie Jenner, who received a Ferrari LaFerrari as her gift for the birth of her daughter Stormi in February, Kardashian, 34, did not need a tangible item to celebrate her first pregnancy.

"A push present never seemed important to Khloé, after she gave birth, she was so happy that her baby was here," a source tells PEOPLE.

Prior to True's birth, Kardashian focused on other things, including his split in the relationship with Thompson, who was videotaped and approached an unidentified woman in a New York City hall, days before the birth of his daughter on April 12.

"Tristan was in the dog's house and she just talked to him for days after the birth," the source shares. "Kris [Jenner] he helped her settle into her house with True, while Tristan visited the house. "

The source adds that "Khloé had many other things to focus on. One of them was definitely not receiving a gift from someone who had just cheated on her. "

Since the Thompson cheating scandal broke out, the couple has focused on rebuilding their lives together, including spending the summer in Los Angeles with their family.

Although Kardashian is committed to the relationship, she is "still struggling" with her alleged infidelity, and her initial plan to move to Cleveland when the Thompson basketball season begins has been put on hold.

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A source previously told PEOPLE: "Of course, it's hard to trust someone 100 percent who cheated days before he was about to become a father."

The source shared, "Khloé is still struggling with this sometimes, she wants to go back to Cleveland, but she is not sure what date she is [going]. The movement is postponed for now. She seems very upset about leaving her family. He had the best summer in L.A ".

Still, it seems that Thompson wants to engage with Kardashian, and could include an eventual timbre in that finger. In a scene from the Sunday night episode of keeping up with the Kardashians, Thompson FaceTimed Kris Jenner to talk about a gift gift for a Kardashian who was pregnant.

"I remember Koko saying he wanted something where he could pass it, generation after generation," he said.

"You know, Corey [Gamble] I bought for Christmas a couple of years ago this really beautiful little diamond ring that could be put on any finger, "suggested Jenner, 62, before smiling:" You know, until you get that really huge diamond that's going to continue over it ring finger! "

"Of course," Thompson replied. "Finally!"

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While the new mom has largely avoided publicly discussing the scandal, she approached him on social media last month while responding to speculation that she and Thompson were talking about getting married. In a comment, she denied the rumor and responded to an Instagram user who accused her of "acting like Tristan did not cheat."

"I'm not acting as if Tristan had not cheated," he wrote. "I'm saying that the story about marriage and anyone who insinuates that they know what we talk about in private is" trash. "

At that time, an informant told PEOPLE that while Kardashian and Thompson were "doing a great job", there was "no mention of a commitment yet".

"They are still working on everything, but it seems they will stay together," said the informant.


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