Khloé Kardashian defends Kendall for Heckling Tristan Thompson

adminNovember 25, 2018

Khloé Kardashian is setting the record straight.

Although the drama surrounding his relationship with Tristan Thompson continues to develop in keeping up with the Kardashians, one's mother is standing next to her man.

In addition to spending Thanksgiving in Cleveland with the NBA player and his daughter True, 7 months, Kardashian, 34, supported Thompson, 27, on Saturday when the Cleveland Cavaliers faced the Houston Rockets, a game that the local team won.

However, while the co-founder of Good American continues to put his family first, one of his fans questioned his relationship with Thompson, and how she could be supporting his sisters while dragging him while he was there as well.

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"I'm confused by the tweets of @khloekardashian", the fan wrote On twitter. "One minute she is calling TT, then she is defending being in her life, then she is laughing at her sisters who are bothering her, I just want to know where we are standing, Koko, so I know how to feel."

The message specifically referred to Kendall Jenner's actions in a basketball game between Thompson's team and Ben Simmons' team on Friday, during which the 22-year-old model, in jest, booed Thompson.

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons

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Kendall Jenner and Tristan Thompson

Kendall Jenner and Tristan Thompson

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When addressing the Thompson cheating scandal, Kardashian responded to the fanatic: writing, "What he did was f-up and disgusting."

However, as the star of reality pointed out, "what you are seeing has more than seven months" and since then the couple "has gone through countless hours of help."

Apparently, Kardashian also revealed that Jenner's relationship with Simmons, with whom he was romantically linked during the summer, is still very advanced.

"My sister was watching her man play against my man … So, of course, she's going to upset the opposing team," he added. "Why are you so confused?"

"Feel the way you want to be a beautiful lady," she additional in a separate tweet.

While supporting Thompson's basketball game on Saturday, Kardashian shared some clips of a spectacular halftime performance in his Instagram story. In the clips, a man performed several stunts while swinging on a pile of very tall chairs.

"Wow, talk about courage," he said from behind the camera during a video. "Holy cow, this is crazy."

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Tristan Thompson and Eric Gordon of the Houston Rockets

Tristan Thompson and Eric Gordon of the Houston Rockets

Just a day earlier, Kardashian also found himself defending Thompson and his decision to spend Thanksgiving with him in Cleveland, rather than with the rest of his family in California.

Addressing her absence from Thursday's meeting, Kardashian explained that, contrary to speculation, her choice had nothing to do with the drama between her and her sisters.

"You are coming now", she wrote On twitter. "I've spent the last 3 years in Cleveland on Thanksgiving, I'm not sure why people are trying to create a drama between me and my family, my sisters and I are perfectly fine, thank you!" All their families were able to travel, but since TT was in season, he can not. "

"The truth is never as fun as a story that some of you like to create. So here we gooooooooooooo !! Happy Thanksgiving, I guess lol, "she additional in another tweet.

In documenting her first Thanksgiving with her daughter, Kardashian and the NBA pro shared images of their Thanksgiving party in Cleveland.

"I'm so blessed," Thompson wrote with a family photo, which is the first he has posted on Instagram of himself, Kardashian and his daughter. "Happy thanks from my family to yours".

A source previously told PEOPLE that Kardashian wanted her daughter to spend her first Thanksgiving with her father. "Khloé brings the truth to Cleveland for Thanksgiving," the source said. "Tristan has a game and can not make it to L.A. It's True's first Thanksgiving, so Khloé wants them to be together."

While Kardashian continues to work through his emotions with Thompson, his relationship with his family continues to be frozen in the wake of his cheating scandal, according to a source. "Khloé's family can not stand Tristan," the informant recently told PEOPLE. "They understand that Khloé wants True to spend time with Tristan and support him. There is not much love for Tristán anymore. "

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