Khaled Mehran talks to "Russia Today" for "Matrochka" (Pictures)

adminNovember 26, 2018

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Khaled Mehran talks to "Russia Today" about the movie "Matrushka" (Pictures) of Dawn's page, Monday, November 26, 2018.

The Russian Channel filmed today an episode with Egyptian director Khaled Mehran, scheduled to be presented on December 6th, and saw the atmosphere in photography high attention to the director, which is the first interest of a Russian channel Egyptian film director referred to him after he recently finished filming an Egyptian-Russian film entitled "Matrochka."

The channel was filmed on a Russian trip to Moscow's Arbat Street, as well as a photo of its trip to the shops. He bought the "Materushka" game in Moscow and followed it with the channel camera. The Russian actress Maria Revival was one of the full-time to Matrochka, who spoke of Mehran in the program and categorized him as an outstanding director as Hollywood directors and said he did something unthinkable when we spoke Arabic in a major film work.

The Russian Channel today called International Director Khaled Mehran to visit the station and its workers headquarters. This initiative was the first of its kind to call a Russian station an Egyptian director to identify his unit and its employees.

For his part, Mehran emphasized in the channel's dialogue that the ministries of Egypt, led by the president of Egyptian Cisse, helped him and wanted his mind very well when they learned about this incident, which shows The film and cultural exchange between the two countries as well as in Russia, where he was welcomed by Ambassador Ehab Nasr and all the workforce of the Russian capital Moscow.

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