Kevin Spacey wants to skip the trial for sexual assault – people

adminDecember 29, 2018

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey (59) has to go to court for sexual coercion – but he wants to skip first-day negotiations directly!

The court hearing on allegations of sexual assault by Spacey is scheduled for January 7. However, the lawyers of the former "House of Cards" star card have applied to the District Court of Nantucket (Massachusetts) that the actor must not appear in person. It reported US newspaper "Boston Globe" on Friday.

In the indictment, he is accused of making an 18-year-old full in a bar in Nantucket in 2016 and having touched immoral. January 7, it can decide whether the court will allow litigation.

During the hearing, Spacey will also be able to describe his own version and respond to the claims. According to the court, the defendant should appear in court proceedings – the only exception: a judge expressly waives.

Since the first allegations of sexual harassment against the actor began in the fall of 2017, the Hollywood star has fled. According to information from his environment, he was in therapy.

It followed on the Netflix series "House of Cards", where Spacey played the ruthless US president Frank Underwood. The character died serial death and disappeared from production. The actor's career has since been broken.

But just before Christmas, Spacey suddenly came back with a strange video message.

Long list of claims

Spacey has been investigated in several cases for sexual harassment. The list of claims is long!

• The first to leak the claims against Spacey was actor Anthony Rapp. He is said to have been sexually harassed by Spacey in 1986 as a 14-year-old. Spacey had lamented Rapp, but said he couldn't remember the incident.

• Also on the set of "House of Cards" was, according to the chief CNN, massive claims against the Oscar winner ("The usual suspects", "American Beauty").

Eight – mostly young – employees are said to have been harassed by Spacey: He was always hunting, men without their consent immoral touch and tasteless comments made, so the claims.

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As unscrupulous US president Frank Underwood Kevin Spacey appeared in the American series "House of Cards" onPhoto: AP / dpa

• London Police and Scotland Yard are also investigating events at London's "Old Vic" theater. Spacey was artistic leader there between 2004 and 2015, allegedly molesting at least 20 men.

• Los Angeles prosecutors filed a lawsuit against Spacey for alleged sexual abuse in early September, when the allegations in 1992 are now considered to be barred.

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