Kevin Spacey waited in court to answer the responsibility for sexual assault

adminJanuary 8, 2019

US actor Kevin Spacey is expected Monday at the Nantucket Court in Massachusetts to respond to the alleged sexual abuse of an 18-year-old in 2016, according to AFP. Star of the television series House of Cards asked to be represented by his lawyers, but Judge Thomas Barrett refused to force him to appear in front of the court.

The charge was made more than a year after the complaint was filed and is a new step for the "#MeToo" movement after actor Bill Cosby's conviction and Harvey Weinstein's accusation. The act of sexual assault against a person over 14 years of age is punished by five years' imprisonment in Massachusetts. The young man who sent the complaint says Kevin Fowler, in his true name, touched him several times in the intimate area on July 7, 2016, as they were talking in a restaurant in Nantucket.

Kevin Spacey encouraged the young man, who worked as a restaurant quiz, to drink alcohol, and consume more beer provided by the actor. The investigators are in possession of a video, during the incident, made by the young man with the phone in that restaurant on the island of Nantucket. At the age of 59, the Oscar-winning actress for her second role in 1996's "Suspects of Service / Usual Suspects" and her first role in "American Beauty / American Beauty" in 2000, to the judge that he tends to be innocent.

On December 24, Kevin Spacey posted on YouTube a video of more than three minutes transposing Frank Underwood's character from the House of Cards series. Resuming the same speech as the cynical politician ready for something to destroy his opponents, the actor creates actions and tricks of the character to the point where he appears to explain his claims of reality. He addresses directly to the spectator, as in an episode of the series. From October 2017, over 30 men said they were the victims of Spacey & # 39; s inappropriate sexual behavior. The accusation against the actor was launched after the onset of the sexual scandal that has centered on Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

For a short time, Netflix announced the conclusion of the collaboration with the actor, as well as the Old Vic Theater in London. Kevin Spacey, born July 26, 1959, is considered one of the most talented actors in his generation. The Hollywood Star has won two Academy Awards for its roles in "The Usual Suspects" (1995) and "American Beauty" (1999). He has starred in films like the Se7, LA Confidential, K-Pax and The Men Who Stare at Goats. From 2013 to 2017, he played in the House of Cards series. In addition, he has performed a number of roles in the theater.

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