Kevin Spacey resigned to speeding up the court appearance

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Cape Town – Kevin Spacey was allegedly pulled over by traffic officers for farting shortly after appearing in court.

The former house of cards actor was arraigned on a charge of crime indecent assault and battery during a hearing in Nantucket district court on Monday.

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After his court appearance, Spacey is reported to have rushed home, but not without another brush with the law, E! News reports.

A Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority spokesman revealed Spacey was being pulled over for speed but escaped with a warning.

"Kevin Spacey was pulled over earlier today by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Police officers for shipping. The officers gave Spacey a verbal warning and did not issue a ticket."

As a result CNN, the disgraced actor's next hearing is scheduled for March 4. He is not required to participate.

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