Kevin Spacey receives citizen in trial for sexual abuse

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The actor Kevin Spacey was released on bail from the hearing where he appeared to a court in Nantucket, Massachusetts, about sexual assault on a young 18-year-old waiter.

The main character of the series House of cards he did not commit guilty to the court, even though he did not make statements and everything was based on documents submitted by lawyers since December, according to the Spanish newspaper World.

Although the plaintiff's lawyers asked Judge Thomas Barrett to be excused for appearing in court because he lived in another state, it was denied.

Although he managed to get rid of a sentence that he could face up to five years in prison, Spacey's right issued an arrest warrant from his accuser and put another hearing on March 4, where his presence would not be required.

The complaint goes back to 2016, when a young man who worked in a bar on the island reported that the interpreter invited him some drinks and then made several sexual advances. Afterwards, the complainant says Spacey continued to touch him on the thigh and later rub his private parts for more than three minutes.

It was learned that the police have, as proof, a video of toqueteo taken by the waiter with his cell phone and sent his girlfriend off the Snapchat before coming off the bar and taking advantage of a trip to the bath by the actor.

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