Kevin Spacey, photographed for the first time after being charged with sexual abuse. It's completely changed

adminDecember 29, 2018

Kevin Spacey (59) was surprised when he left a test room and followed in a car. With a pair of lined pants, a tiny little white T-shirt and shoe-laced shoes, the actor tried to camouflage under a hood and a scarf over his face. Only the eyes and nose were still visible, giving him a blank.

The captured images now show that Spacey grew significantly and seems affected by everything that happens to him.

according, Spacey had books and pens in his hand, suggesting he had been on an exercise. It even does not appear officially in any series, movies or games. But he must appear in court on January 7 when he gets the sentence after he is found guilty of indecisive exposure. He tried to escape and was not shown, but his lawyers' request was rejected.

Kevin Spacey was crushed after attacking a teenager

Kevin Spacey was accused by journalist Heather Unruh of abusing his son in July 2016. She filed a complaint in November 2017 and on December 20, 2018, a hearing was held in which the actor was accused. He is now waiting for punishment. During a November 2017 press conference, the youth's mother said her 18-year-old son, and Kevin Spacey's fan had met the actor at a bar-restaurant in the Boston spa. According to her, the actor urged her son to drink while she was not 21 years before "putting her hand in her pants."

Prosecutors said in April that a case of sexual assault that actor Kevin Spacey had been guilty of in 1992 came to their attention. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said an adult man was involved in the alleged incident.

It is in the middle of a media scandal in November 2017

More than 30 men said they were the victims of Spacey's unwanted sexual advancement, which underlies a controversy last year, actor Anthony Rapp accused him of attempting to seduce him in 1986 while Rapp was 14 years old. In October 2017, Spacey apologized for any inappropriate behavior to Rapp and has not commented on the page.

The charges against the actor were launched after the onset of the sexual scandal aimed at Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

The result of the Spacey scandal that earned an Oscar for Best Actor in 2000 starring in "American Beauty", led to the exclusion of the end of the Netflix series "House of Cards" and replacement in 2017 from the movie "All the Money in the World".

Netflix announced a $ 39 million loss in space-related projects in January.

The Old Vic Theater in London, where Spacey has been an artistic director for 12 years, reported last year that he received 20 charges of inappropriate actresses that had occurred between 1995 and 2013.

Spacey is one of the many people in the entertainment and police industry who have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior for the past 10 months, part of the "#MeToo" social movement. Spacey first recognized in October 2017 that he was gay.

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