Kevin Spacey in court – Abuse accusations against the Hollywood star

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Kevin Spacey would rather have saved it. On Monday, the once famous star had to appear personally in court. The hearing ended after only about six minutes.

Surrounded by many cameras, Kevin Spacey now pushed through the masses to court in Nantucket. On his side: Alan Jackson's lawyer.

The hearing ended after only six minutes

After alleged sexual abuse, the American actor is not allowed to approach an alleged victim at the moment. Spacey should not "make direct or indirect contact" with the man, Judge Thomas Barrett ordered on Monday at the court hearing on the American island of Nantucket at the request of the defense. Spacey, dressed in a dark suit, patterned tie and shirt, nodded quietly and his lawyers agreed.

Kevin Spacey: The Hollywood star had to appear before the court in person. (Source: Reuters / REUTERS / Brian Snyder)Kevin Spacey: The Hollywood star had to appear before the court in person. (Source: REUTERS / Brian Snyder / Reuters)

After that, the hearing ended after just about six minutes and another scheduled for March 4. Spacey did not have to be present personally for this next appointment, but for questions, for example over the phone, Judge Barrett continued to order.

In vain, the actor had previously tried to be represented by his lawyers on this agreement. But the judge insisted that Spacey personally looks to read the charge on Nantucket. The island is located about 50 kilometers south of Cape Cod on the coast off Massachusetts, and is especially in summer as an elegant and popular holiday destination.

Kevin Spacey: On his side is his lawyer Alan Jackson. (Source: AP / dpa / AP Photo / Steven Senne)Kevin Spacey: On his side is his lawyer Alan Jackson. (Source: AP Photo / Steven Senne / AP / dpa)

Investigators possess a video

The allegations of immoral attacks and attacks, according to the prosecutor of an event in July 2016 in a restaurant at Nantucket. Spacey is said to have made one then 18 years old full and then immoral affected.

Investigators own a video that shot Spacey's victim during the incident with his smartphone. The young man, who mistakenly claimed to be a 23-year-old star, apparently showed news with his girlfriend that night. Because she didn't believe him, he sent her a Snapchat video. It is the first case where Spacey threatens a lawsuit.

The actor did not speak in less than ten minutes of trial. However, if his lawyer used the 59-year-old not to be guilty in writing.

Claims of more than 30 cases

Spacey is world famous as a Hollywood actor and was also a theatrical star. He got many prizes. In 1996, he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "The Usual Suspects", in 2000 for Best Actor for "American Beauty." Between 2003 and 2015 he was artistic director of London's old Vic theater.

Since autumn 2017, charges of sexual abuse and harassment against Spacey have been raised publicly for more than 30 cases. Firstly, actor Anthony Rapp ("Star Trek: Discovery", "Rent") claimed to have been harassed as a 14-year-old in the 1980s. At London's old Vic theater, Spacey plagued at least 20 men in his time as an artistic director. In England, several police investigations were launched. The streaming service Netflix had, after the revelations, completed the collaboration with the Oscar winner in the political series "House of Cards".

Surrounded by cameras: Kevin Spacey on the way to court. (Source: AP / dpa / (AP Photo / Steven Senne))Surrounded by cameras: Kevin Spacey on the way to court. (Source: (AP Photo / Steven Senne) / AP / dpa)

The allegations against Spacey had become known shortly after abusing the allegations against filmmaker Harvey Weinstein. Both have since become publicly unclean. Several such issues in the entertainment industry triggered a broad social debate about harassment and abuse under the keyword #MeToo.

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