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adminDecember 27, 2018

The boy who accused actor Kevin Spacey of having fingered him without consent when he (18-year-old mother) wanted to claim his progress on him July 7, 2016 at a restaurant in Nantucket, Mass. It worked. Survey documents refer to a video allegedly sent by the young man to his girlfriend via the Snapchat application, which may show that Spacey pits for his alleged victim's pants and groin, according to the US station NBC. Videos uploaded via this platform tend to be automatically deleted, but can also be stored.

The video receiver, the alleged boyfriend of the boy who is the son of a Boston television journalist (Heather Unruh, who reported on the case), received a message from his companion telling him that Kevin Spacey was "making himself" there. But when the recipient has not believed the version, the boy will then have "sent the video via Snapchat", according to documents in the survey. The video can show "one of the last times Spacey touched you" on that day.

Police investigation documents also show it The alleged victim will have "tried to move away with the body" and also remove the hands of Kevin Spacey himself, but the actor continued to try to touch his pants.. The report also indicates that the police will have shown the alleged victim video that ensures this to show the actor's progress on himself that day. The boy would have confirmed that these were the clothes he had on the day when he said he was sexually abusive.

The investigation also says that the boy told the police that the case "did not have a" deep emotional effect "on him, but that he reported the sexual assault he claims to have been targeted by the Nantucket police at the end of October 2016 (about three months after the events) Not to "happen to anyone else." The boy will be questioned by the Massachusetts state police a year later in November 2017 – the same month that his mother officially denounced the case.

The American actor, one of Hollywood's most respected, two-hour Academy Award winners, was accused of a boy's mother for having sexually assaulted his son at The Car Club bar in Massachusetts in November 2017. The alleged victim's mother accused Spacey of having "drunk" the boy by paying him more drinks, after he told her he was old enough to drink. In the United States, the minimum age for drinking alcohol is 21 years.

The victim, my son, was a heterosexual 18-year-old who was happy and had no idea that the famous actor was an alleged sexual predator, or that he was going to be his next victim, said his mother, who works as a journalist for WCVB TV .

On the last Christmas Eve, December 24, it was revealed that Kevin Spacey will be charged with sexual assault and personal injury in this case and should be brought to justice on January 7. The actor responded to the news in one sui generis, launched a Youtube video where he seemed to talk about the latest charges and the popular verdict he wants to avoid in the style of Frank Underwood, the character he played in the House of Cards series. By the way, the video has an ambiguous title: "Let me be Frank", who can mean "let me be honest" and "let me be Frank."

In the video, Kevin Spacey says he knows the audience "wants him back" and says: "Of course, there were people who believed in everything and waited to hear me confess everything. They were dead to hear me, declaring that all they said was True, and that I got what I deserved. But I won't pay for what I didn't do. "

In November 2017, the actor's legal representatives claimed that the month that Spacey was publicly charged by the mother of an 18-year-old, claimed that the actor intended to be screened and treated by medical professionals. It was also this month that Netflix fired Kevin Spacey, who was still "cut" from a Ridley Scott movie a month before joining cinemas, was replaced by actor Christopher Plummer. This year, Kevin Spacey just entered the movie "Club of the Billionaires" by James Cox.

In addition to this case, Kevin Spacey was further charged with harassment and sexual assault by more than two dozen people. One of the most conveyed cases was accused of actor Anthony Rapp, who claimed he had been harassed by Kevin Spacey when he was 14 years old. In return, the actor used the opportunity to publish that he is homosexual, and also regrets Rapp: "My sincere apologies for what might be a deeply inappropriate alcoholic behavior. This story has encouraged me to address other issues in my life. I know that there have been stories about me and some have been driven by the fact that I have so protected my privacy … I now choose to live as a gay man, I will handle it honestly and openly, and this begins by examining my own behavior, "he said.

The revelation ended up bothering much of the gay community, who felt that Kevin Spacey exploited his sexual orientation to distract the audience from the serious charges he made, even establishing a direct relationship between homosexuality and sexual harassment.

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