Kevin Spacey drew right after hearing from the court

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Actor Kevin Spacey was pulled to the right by the Washington police for excessive speed, back from his hearing hearing, where he was charged with sexual assault by an 18-year-old, according to

Picture of the article Kevin Spacey, just after the court hearing

Kevin Spacey drew right after hearing from the court

Spacey drove a car after leaving Reagan National Airport in Washington, when police officers pulled him to the right.

Police sources told that the actor had only dropped a verbal warning.

Kevin Spacey met his lawyer on Monday morning at a court hearing in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where he was charged with sexual assault by an 18-year-old in 2016.

The 59-year-old actor – accused of obscenity, violence and harm, facts he could be sentenced to five years in prison and sexual harassment – did not blame himself.

The next hearing in this case was scheduled for March 4.

The victim is the minor son of a US television presenter after Boston TV, and this is Kevin Spacey's first accusation since his actor's career has been destroyed by sexual abuse charges on men.

The young man, identified as William Little, told investigators that he had sent messages, including a video, to his girlfriend at that time, through the Snapchat platform, in support of his accusations. A little worked in the summer at the Nantucket Club Club and stayed at the bar after completing the trip because he wanted to see Spacey if the fan was. After getting to know the actor, they started drinking alcohol. Spacey would have invited him to his home with other friends, something the young man refused because he suspected he would seduce him. But he lived in the bar to take a picture of the actor. Spacey would have told him that if he followed him, he would take a picture with him. He later attacked him sexually, according to the young man registered in the file.

The police would have restored the video showing the allegations.

Former Boston TV station presenter Heather Unruh said in November 2017 that the actor touched his son on the genitals over the pants impact at Club Car Restaurant in Nantucket in July 2016.

Shortly after the prosecution was published, Spacey posted on the YouTube online platform a video called "Let me be Frank", as he put the end of a year of silence.

In a monologue delivered with Frank Underwood, his character in Netflix "House of Cards" – which, meanwhile, after the allegations of sexual abuse brought to the actor was killed by screenwriters – says Spacey: "Someone believes in everything and they waited with breath as I testify that I am guilty, they die of anxiety as I declare that all they say is true, and that I have received what I deserved … Certainly not I will pay a price for something I have not done . "

"Very soon you will know the whole truth," says the Oscar-winning actor.

Spacey is also being investigated by the Los Angeles police for alleged sexual abuse in another incident that occurred in 2016. A similar claim was rejected by prosecutors because it was a suspected incident since 1992, and the deed has been prescribed.

Kevin Spacey was also investigated by the British police after several men accused him of various sexual assaults while being an artistic director at the Old Vic Theater in London between 2004 and 2015.

Kevin Spacey was considered one of the most talented actors of his generation, disappeared from public life following a wave of sexual abuse allegations brought to him by the end of 2017. Kevin Spacey won two Oscar awards for roles in films " American Beauty "and" The Usual Suspects ". For the role of Francis Underwood, the American actor was praised by critics, he won a Golden Globe and was nominated five times for Primetime Emmy.

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