Kevin Spacey does not tend to be guilty of sexual abuse by a teenager

adminJanuary 8, 2019

it American actor Kevin Spacey, 59, was declared Not guilty of sexual abuse of teenager in 2016, when formally charged before a judge off the island of Nantucket, in Massachusetts.

it Office of Prosecutor Michael O & # 39; Keefe confirmed that a plea of ​​error was not filed on behalf of Kevin S. Fowler, the actor's real name.

The famous protagonist of the successful Netflix series "House of Cards" was released on bail, and although he was not asked to deliver the passport to prevent him from fleeing the country, Judge Thomas Barrett He forbade him to contact the alleged victim or his family, as appealed by the prosecutor.

A new pre-trial hearing was scheduled on March 4, but that is not necessary spacey appearing personally, the judge said.

spacey he had initially requested that his lawyers represent him during the hearing, and he had written to the judge a letter indicating that he would not be guilty, but Barrett wanted him to appear in person in court.

The actor, who had a dark blazer in the audience, a white shirt with small patterned flowers and tie with polka dots, so tired, with bags under his eyes. He arrived at the exclusive island of Massachusetts on a private plane this morning, showed television NBC.

it Spacey lawyer, Alan Jackson, asked that neither the alleged victim nor his girlfriend in the era deletes anything from their cell phones between the date of the alleged incident and now. The judge agreed on the request, but only for six months from July 2016. According to the local press, Little and his girlfriend would have exchanged messages and even pictures about the alleged attack.

The accusation against the actor comes 13 months after filing the complaint from the teenager, and is part of the last chapter of the movement #MeToo, after the sentence of actor Bill Cosby and accusing Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

It's the first time Spacey has to face criminal charges, despite dozens of complaints about harassment and sexual abuse against him.

The actor faces a penalty of up to five years in prison by pointing The hand inside William Little's pants, which was 18 at the time of the alleged attack, happened in July 2016 at a restaurant in Nantucket where the young man worked as a waiter during the summer.

according to a bit, the day of the incident, he was in the restaurant after his work shift met spacey. Having introduced to the actor and told him he was 23 years old – the legal age to drink in Massachusetts is 21 years old, they started drinking beer and after a while they switched to whiskey on request from spacey.

A while later, the actor invited him to go with him and some friends at home, according to the young man. a bit He rejected the offer because he suspected the actor was trying to seduce him. But he lived in the bar to get a picture with Spacey.

It was then that the winner of two Oscar statuettes for his roles in "Usual Suspects" (1996) and "American Beauty" (2000) put his hand in the youth pants, according to the complaint.

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