Kevin Fret: 24-year-old gay rapper killed by several shots in Puerto Rico

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Rapper and HGBT rights activist Kevin Fret was shot in Puerto Rico on Thursday, confirmed Puerto Rican police and his representative.

The music, 24 years old, described as "The first obviously gay artist of Latin capturing music"was murdered in the capital of the country, San Juan.

He got up to eight shots while driving a motorcycle, police said.

The investigation of the police to know details of the event is ongoing.

His death leads to 22 murders in Puerto Rico this year, the authorities added.

Frets representative, Eduardo Rodríguez, described the rapper as "an artistic soul" I felt passion for music.

When he confirmed his death, Rodriguez said: "There are no words that describe the feeling we have and the pain that makes us know that a person with so many dreams must go."

"We must all unite in these difficult times and ask our beloved Puerto Rico too much peace."

Some representatives of the LGBT world in the music industry, such as the author Samy Nemir, lamented the Twitter loss and highlighted the figure of Fret.

"Kevin Fret was known not only for his musical style, but also for his image, which broke gender norms in #PuertoRico and stigmatized being gay, unhappy with gender and expressions of gender identity freely – in a country where gays still dishes, scares and killing ", says the tweet.

The latest video of the rapper, Soy Así, has over half a million views on YouTube.

"I am a person to whom He doesn't care what people have to say"He told Paper Online Magazine last year.

"(Now I see) young gay or young lesbians that I came as a model to imitate, as wowIf he did, and he doesn't care what someone has to say, I can do it too. "

Puerto Rico has suffered a increase in street crime In recent weeks, the island's police have described it as a "crisis of violence".

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