Kevin Feige expects the X-Men to join the Marvel cinematographic universe

adminDecember 29, 2018

USA (Redaccin) – The next movie to mark the end of Marvel's Phase 3: "Avengers: Endgame" always changes the panorama of Marvel Universe on the big screen, but if that wasn't enough, there are other changes in the horizon in the future as well. Phase 4, which we know very little in a fixed and official manner. All we have to do is start with "Spider-Man: Far from Home".

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But one of the variables in the future that fans pay more attention to is possible to get home to the characters of the X-Men and The Fantastic 4 when the acquisition of Fox, the current owner of the film rights, by Part of Disney, the owner of Marvel Studios, stops taking shape. In a recent interview with Variety podcast, Kevin Feige, Marvel's mandams, was very optimistic about this perspective.

The manufacturer and architect of the Marvel Studios films confirm that the rainforest integrates the characters of the X-Men into the current development of MCU. We have been told that the (acquisition) looks very, very good and can happen in the next semester next year, says Feige. The idea of ​​the characters coming is great. It's nice when a company that created all these characters will be able to access them. But we still do not have a fixed plan for what to do.

Feige said the green light had to be turned on in order to use characters such as Magneto, Charles Xavier, Jean Gray or Deadpool in the films of Marvel Cinematographic Universe, and as far as the character of Ryan Reynolds, there is much to discuss, as it must be lower the tone of his black humor to enjoy the palate of Disney. However, the manufacturer expects it to happen before 2020. This means that the forthcoming announcement of the upcoming Marvel films by "Endgame" will be filled with even more expectations.

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