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adminDecember 27, 2018

Who would have thought that a trained painter and painter knocks the German music market down with just one song? Kerstin Ott did just that. In fact, Kerstin Ott had basically a safe job, casually set up as a DJ and long loved the secret desire for a music career. Meanwhile, Kerstin has achieved what many young artists can only dream of. With just one song, she managed to get to the top and made it all over Germany to call her super hit.

Music was something that inspired Kerstin in the early years. She wanted to make music and participated as a child in talent competitions. She also got her first musical experience in the choir by Rolf Zuckowski. Today she is known for her mega hit "Die forever laughs". This was created in 2005 and was originally intended only for a friend. Text and melody were perfected within minutes. A decade later, the guys from the Stereoact discovered the song and were then excited to release a remix.

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Kerstin Ott

Stereoact feat. Kerstin Ott – The Always Laughs (Official Video HD)

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The masterpiece shot in 2nd place in the charts overnight and stayed in it for 62 (!) Weeks. Due to the great success, Kerstin Ott published her debut album "Herzbewohner" in late 2016, which brought the fans their more captivating melodies. She was honored with Triple Gold and a Platinum Award. Currently, the clip has already reached over 150 million clicks on YouTube. Absolute record! In comparison, Helene Fischer and mega-hit "Atemlos" immediately record over 45 million clicks. Talking about Helene Fischer …

As in the past 7 years, the big "Helene Fischer-Show" on ZDF was sent on Christmas Eve 2018 again. This time Kerstin Ott was also there, and if you give the social networks a belief, then she was something like the secret star on the show.

Together, the two power women made a sign of hatred and earned praise, especially in the gay community.

If you missed the look of Kerstin Ott in a duet with Helene Fischer, you should take a look!

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Kerstin Ott

Kerstin Ott & Helene Fischer – Rainbow Helicopter (The Helene Fischer Show 2018)

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What is the secret to Kerstin? We believe her down to earth will reach the hearts of her fans. Kerstin does not bend – she is what she is. This feature is a rarity, especially in the tough show. Many artists adapt to the scene and "reality" – whether it reflects their own style or not.

The privacy of the 36-year-old scandals is in vain. The singer Kerstin Ott is open to her homosexuality and has previously married her long-standing partner Karolina.

We off is excited about the artist and keeps his fingers crossed so that his career continues as well as before.

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