Kendall Jenner's revelation of his past disappointed his fans

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The last few hours for the fans off Kendall Jenner They passed slower than usual, after the well-known model announced Saturday that will provide an important revelation about his past and his personal life. Even the matriarch of the clan Kardashian-Jenner He said it was the hardest news about her daughter's past, and that breach of his silence would happen to help people.

However, the long-awaited announcement disappointed many of the followers Jenner when he shared through his Twitter account a video telling about the problems he is going through due to acne, the uncertainties he suffered as he became the target of criticism and ridicule at the beginning of modeling. Kendall He said his life changed when he started using a special product. I hope I can help people and show them that thanks to this product I can clean myself and maybe you can too, he says in the clip.

But far from the positive effect it sought to generate with the audiovisual material, the 23-year-old has received strong criticism on social networking from fans and not so much as has required her to make an intriguing campaign to end up promoting a beauty product.

Far from this policy, Kendall stopped in the best possible way by positioning itself as the best paid model of the year. Kendall Jenner recorded a gross revenue of $ 22.5 million a year, according to the prestigious Forbes magazine, showing how the 23-year-old is now one of the most sought after models and benefits of social networking.

The daughter of Caitlyn Jenner He leads the list of the most successful manicures, raising a total of $ 113 million in the 12 months before June this year. Kendall She took off her career as a model thanks to juicy contracts with Este Lauder, Adidas, Calvin Klein or Adidas.

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