Kendall Jenner finally tells us about his big problem

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Kendall With only 23 years, she is the best paid model in the world. However, he has shown us his human side with a problem that caused him a lot of pain. Jenner suffers from acne, and despite having the best makeup artists in the world, it still turned out.

A year ago at the Golden Globes in 2018, Jenner goes the red carpet, like many other celebrities and enjoys much of the night. She says she enjoyed the night very much until I read the comments on social networks the next day. Jenner says he felt so good that night that he forgot he had bad skin. The next day was the commentary on what you did on your face?

Jenner says he never talked about this dreadful moment so far. But because of the amount of negative comments and criticisms I received, I also received a lot of support and love from their fans. Although he said he felt better, at that moment he decided he wanted to get out of that problem with his skin once and for all.

The model says that the amount of events made on the pictures, even in the same social media accounts, with filters, Photoshop, etc., has made people forget how the human skin looks. With all its imperfections and beauty too.

But Kendall just found a solution to her problem. During the Golden Globes, a year after his horror night, he announced that he was the spokesman for the Proactiv brand for acn. She says it seemed like magic. The fans, accustomed to seeing her in makeup and haute couture campaigns, had a lot to say about the commercial. But the most important thing is always that Kendall is not disappointed with that problem.

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