Kendall Jenner finally revealed her secret

adminJanuary 7, 2019

A few days ago mother to Kardashian, Kris Jenner, made an important announcement: Kendall It would make a rough and shocking revelation about his past, especially something he lived from the age of 14, so the words of a proud mother in network made the bomb explode.

There were thousands of theories that began to circulate, including a dark secret, perhaps pregnant, that could have been the victim of childhood abuse and many more, but for some strange reason, the news had no expected effect.

It's about Kendall suffering from deep acne problems since she was a child, so she was a victim of bullying; Today she gives the news that she will be the face of ProActiv and will focus on campaigns to help other girls feel safer and with their skin problems.

Although he has very good intentions, many of his followers did not agree with the way he was doing, which worried them. There are even more comments on networks that say he just wanted attention and that it wasn't good to handle the story as a "gross revelation".

Let's hope Kendall feels a little more confident about himself and helps other people get a better life.

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