Kathryn Dennis Slams Body Shamers of Southern Charm on pregnancy speculation

adminNovember 24, 2018

You did not think about the cast of Southern Charm You could escape Thanksgiving without a little drama, right?

Kathryn Dennis he found the internet trolls during the holidays when a photo he published with his co-star Austen Kroll I had some speculation about a possible pregnancy. The reality TV star and the mother of two quickly closed the shameless body shamers, who commented "Someone looks prego" and "Pregnant?" in the festive post.

"No, I just gained weight," Kathryn replied matter-of-factly.

Austen also rushed to defend her close friend, commenting in the post, "* Some * of these people are absurd … Thankful for you! Oh, and my stomach is still recovering!"

And, in KD fashion, he did not let a few enemies hate his vacation. In another post, the Bravolebrity recalled its certainly transforming year. "I'm so grateful today," he wrote. "For my friends, my family, my life, I hope everyone enjoys their day, if you take the time to remember your life, regardless of the ups and downs, there are many things to be grateful for today. how special they are, and how unique is life in this sense of who we inspire, as well as those who inspire us.

Things were just as thoughtful about the co-star. Ashley Jacobs& Instagram Page, who publicly runs into Kathryn when she started hanging out with Kathryn's ex and the father of her two children, Thomas Ravenel.

"Despite all the junk that we spent together last year, the good really outweighs the bad," Ashley subtitled a photo montage of the couple "again, again."

"You can not go through things like that and pretend it never happened, like the person who helped you through some of the most difficult moments of your life now does not mean anything to you. You were my boyfriend for a while in my life where I needed you and you needed me, I do not know how much I believe in the idea of ​​destiny, but if it exists, I know that it united you and me for a reason … even if we were not made to last forever, "she continued.

Thomas Ravenel, Ashley Jacobs, Southern Charm

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His emotional tribute concluded: "We may not be creating new memories anymore, but I keep treasuring the ones we have, and I would do it again knowing how things turned out in the end, thanks for the memories, the good and the good." the bad, and I will cherish them forever until the day I leave this world. I had the good fortune to meet you, Thomas. I hope to be good friends for a long, long time. "

Just a few weeks ago, the ex aerated their dirty clothes to Southern Charm fans to see when Thomas hit Ashley for "talking bad" Kathryn.

"I totally disapprove of this horrendous behavior and I will have nothing to do with it," Thomas wrote in a post since eliminated. He later added in the comments: "I begged him again and again without success, very odious, I hope he gets help."

Now it seems that Thomas has changed his tone once again.

She responded to Ashley's publication: "Our time together brought a lot of external pressure, but what they did not see was how I treasured your precious presence, I pray that you will not have any more senseless anger in the future, I wish you good things, Ashley. Good, always, Thomas. "

Never a dull moment, right? Both Thomas and Ashley have confirmed that they will not return for the next season of Southern Charm.

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