Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm says she is not pregnant

adminNovember 24, 2018

Kathryn Dennis did not let any hatred ruin her Thanksgiving.

On Thursday, after sharing a photo on Instagram with the mother of two children and she Southern Charm Co-star Austen Kroll, a fan, began to speculate that Dennis, 27, might be waiting.

"Someone looks prego," someone wrote underneath the photo of Dennis, who is dressed in a flowing black skirt with a high waist and a white blouse, and Kroll standing in front of a staircase leading to a home.

Dennis hit Shamer with a simple phrase: "No, I just gained weight."

Supporting his friend and co-star, Kroll, 31, stepped in and called the Internet trolls for his stupid comment. "* Some * of these people are absurd," he wrote. "Thankful for you! Oh, and my stomach is still recovering!

Comment by Kathryn Dennis on Instagram

Comment by Kathryn Dennis on Instagram

Kathryn Dennis / Instagram

In addition, he published a shock face and a palm emoji.

Many of Dennis' fans also rushed to his side, defending the star and his supposed weight gain. "You are absolutely beautiful," one fan wrote in response.

Another reminded Dennis that she was not alone to gain a few pounds after the holiday filled with food. "Girl, you look beautiful, even if you've" gained weight, "you're not alone," the fan wrote.

The comments of Austen Kroll on Instagram

The comments of Austen Kroll on Instagram

Kathryn Dennis / Instagram

To prove that nothing would depress her or ruin her Thanksgiving, Dennis shared another photo of herself, this time, giving thanks to "the simple things" of her life.

"Very grateful today for my friends, my family, my life," he wrote. "I hope everyone enjoys their day." If you take the time to look back on your life, regardless of the ups and downs, there are many things to be grateful for today. "

"I hope everyone realizes how special they are and how unique life is in this sense of who we are all those we inspire and who inspire us. It's the simple things, "he added.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis

Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU

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The speculation about Dennis' pregnancy arises when she and her former Thomas Ravenel continue fighting for the custody of their two children: their daughter Kensie, 4, and her son Saint, 3.

Dennis submitted documents in Charleston, South Carolina, on October 25 to obtain primary custody of the two children.

In his presentation, obtained by PEOPLE, Dennis accused 56-year-old Ravenel of trusting "in the use of full-time babysitters", referred to the sexual assault allegations filed against him and his recent arrest, and alleged that " He has drunk too much alcohol. " mixed with prescription drugs, that has caused him problems during the periods of time he had custody of the children. "

Dennis also accused his ex of exhibiting "impulsive and uncontrollable periods of anger attacks" and "extreme problems of narcissism and anger management."

In addition, he alleged that Ravenel encouraged his girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, to "verbally attack and attack" her on the Bravo show.

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On November 6, Ravenel filed a counterclaim, vehemently denying all of Dennis' accusations and accusing her of filing her complaint "in bad faith, in order to attract media attention, creating material for her story in Southern Charm and ensuring its commercialization as a "reality TV star".

In his presentation, obtained by PEOPLE, Ravenel alleged that Dennis' attempt to seek primary custody was "with the sole and / or main purpose" of securing his role in the program and "progressing in his plot as the & # 39; rehabilitated mother who regains possession of her minor children "((Dennis lost custody of the children and went into rehabilitation in 2016 after she failed the drug test.) Since then she has regained custody. /fifty).

In addition, Ravenel alleged that Dennis initiated its lawsuit "with the encouragement, approval and / or express or implied permission of the producers of Southern Charm, with the purpose of providing dramatic material for the next season. "

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