Kathleen Zellner: Who is Steven Avery's new defense attorney from Making a Murderer Part 2?

adminOctober 18, 2018

The second season of Making a killer arrives at Netflix on Friday, October 19.

The 10-part documentary about the real crime was a sensation when it appeared in 2015, kicking off the case of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, who were imprisoned for the murder of Auto Trader Photographer Teresa Halbach in Manitowoc Country, Wisconsin, a decade earlier, but still protesting her innocence.

Making a killerWritten and directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, it inspired interest around the world. A petition was submitted to the White House that contained 500,000 signatures asking President Barack Obama to issue pardons for Avery and Dassey, while defense attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting were on tour to speak.

the Making a mania Podcast explores the phenomenon.

The new series considers that the cause of Avery is assumed by Kathleen Zellner, a leading Illinois attorney specializing in wrongful convictions. But who is she and how could the story advance?

Ms. Zellner, 61, attended Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, and earned her law degree from the University of Northern Illinois.

She founded her own firm in the suburb of Downer Grove in Chicago in January 1991 and won the exoneration of 19 convicted men.

Among her greatest successes was the release of death row inmate Joseph Burrows, who faced execution for the murder of farmer William E Dulan at his home in Iroqouis County, Illinois, in 1988. Mr. Burrows was released after she convinced the real murderer, Gayle Potter. Confess to crime.

Kathleen Zellner (Monica Schipper/ Getty)

In another case, she represented Kevin Fox, imprisoned for murdering his daughter Riley in Wilmington, Illinois, in 2004 until the verdict on DNA evidence was reversed and the convicted probationer Scott Eby was found guilty. Finally, Mr. Fox received $ 8.1 million (£ 6.2 million) in compensation after suing the government of the United States.

She also overturned the case against Ryan Ferguson, convicted of the murder of Columbia Daily Tribune Sports editor Kent Heitholt in 2001, after convincing the only eyewitnesses to the crime to admit they had lied in court.

Perhaps the most shocking case of his career was that of midwestern serial killer Larry Eyler, who admitted to Ms. Zellner that he had committed 21 more homicides while on death row awaiting execution for the murder of Daniel Bridges, 15 years old. He died of AIDS in 1994 before the death penalty was applied.

In addition to Avery, Ms. Zellner also currently represents a victim of the convicted child aggressor and the former doctor of the US gymnastics team. UU Larry Nassar

Regarding her participation in the Avery case, Kathleen Zenner says: "I have a goal and it is to annul Steven Avery's sentence … If he is guilty, I will fail".

In his attempt to force a new trial, he submitted a 599-page file to the Wisconsin Circuit Court in Manitowoc County and requested that he be allowed to supplement his findings with a CD containing data recovered from Brendan Dassey's laptop.

Steven Avery (Netflix)

The disc contains violent pornography that, according to her, could only have been seen by the older brother Bobby Dassey, a key witness against his family, whom Mrs. Zellner considers a person of interest.

She also believes that Ms. Halbach's ex-boyfriend, Ryan Hillegas, should have been treated as a suspect by the police the first time, and has filed a 1,250-page motion indicating it, and it seems likely that the second season will continue his investigation. about him.

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Mr. Hillegas does not have an alibi for the time of Teresa's death, he had suspicious scratches on his hand when he was interviewed in 2005 and deleted messages from the victim's phone, he argues.

Another route of the investigation is the mobile call made from the deceased's device, picked up by a tower several miles from Avery's salvage yard on the last day of her life, which suggests the possibility that she would leave the property. before being killed.

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