Kate Middleton: So bad was the last year for Duchess Kate

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Kate Middleton celebrates her 37th birthday.
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Congratulations! Duchess Kate Middleton is now moving with her sister-in-law Meghan Markle equal – at least with the number of years of life. On January 9, 2019, the Duchess of Cambridge celebrates her 37th birthday. But if Kensington Palace really celebrates mood, it may be doubtful. Recently, it was reported that Prince William will put his wife on her honorary dayto make an official agreement.

Duchess Kate Middleton: She wanted to have rejected these scandals

Perhaps the Duchess Kate finds time today, once to reflect on her triggered years of life – and hopes she no longer needs to read any headlines this year. Probably an extremely divine desire. For even at the age of 36, Prince William's wife again caused a lot of excitement in the gossip columns. We look back again.

Pippa makes Sister Kate look stupid

It was the first Kate Sister Pippa Matthews (still Middleton), the Duchess of Cambridge with a statement right she was stabbed there, Pippa argued in a food guide for poor families, as a perfect breakfast she would bring eggs and avocado tortillas to the table. That maybe not all families can afford them, Pippa probably would not have considered. Stupid for Kate: If Pippa delicates anything, a bit of it always sticks to her.

Duchess Kate is ridiculed for dress

But not only the dear family made headlines with Duchess Kate last year. Even her choice of clothes sometimes lets critics load their weapons. Duchess Kate is actually considered a royal eye-catcher. Stylish to the end. But when she appeared in a photo museum in the Swedish capital Stockholm, she didn't just get friends. "Old" and "obsolete" had worked with Kate's outfit, even hardcore royal fans mocked, Some call particularly bad, Kate should get fashionable advice from Meghan Markle. Ouch!

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton: Best enemies?

Talking about Meghan Markle. Kate Middleton's new son-in-law was, at least in the press, stylized for the best family lover. The British "Daily Mail" had recently upset the displeasure of the Prince's two prince's prince and Prince Harry. Duchess Kate would feel "uneasy" in Meghan's presence was there to read. At least Christmas was used together by Kate and Meghan. How harmonious it was, however, would probably only know the duchesses,

Maybe this year it is better for Duchess Kate …

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