Kate Middleton Offline: Prince William lets Duchess Kate and the kids down

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Kate Middleton must celebrate her birthday without her husband.
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The turn of the year could hardly be more tragic for Kate Middleton (36). While you yourself Duchess Kate was in mid-December with her stylist Natasha Archer about her offspring, made in late Decembershocking baby news round, A long-standing friend of the Duchess, Emma Sayle, almost lost her baby. A message that did not even triple mom Kate Middleton cold. Meanwhile, little Maly is fortunately on the way to recovery.

Kate Middleton separated from Prince William on her birthday

But as soon as this shock is over, Duchess Kate must endure another heavy message: her birthday, Duchess Kate will be 37 on January 9, 2019, she must spend without her husband. According to "Mirror", Prince William will make his first official deal of the year this day.

Prince William leaves Duchess Kate sitting

Royal London Hospital celebrates the 30th anniversary of British Air Rescue. Kate's husband was at work as a helicopter pilot when the family lived in Norfolk. Due to the move to London Prince William, however, ends the jobHowever, this deal is certainly a matter of heart, which probably also understands his wife Duchess Kate.

Kate Middleton's first birthday as a triple mother

For Kate Middleton, it's her first birthday as a triple mother. Last year she was still very pregnant with little prince Louis at this time. This will be nine months old January 23. Whether Kate Middleton and Prince William want more children is not known. The Duchess has repeatedly speculated in the media about a fourth pregnancyHowever, these baby rumors have not been confirmed so far.

Duchess Meghan Pregnant: Has the baby arrived in February?

While Duchess Kate is just speculation, early birth is on Meghan Markle safe. Recently it was reported that the royal baby could already see the light of day in February,

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