Kate Middleton is 37 years old. Everything you need to know about Prince William's wife

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Kate Middleton or Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, celebrates the beautiful 37-year-old on Wednesday. She is six months older than her husband. According to official sources at Kansington Palace, Kate is celebrating her day with her husband and three children: George (5 years), Charlotte (3) and Louis, just eight months old. The party is also expected to be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as the Middleton family, who recently returned to Britain after a vacation in the hot countries.

A few things about Kate who get to know

Kate is 1.75 m tall and weighs 54 pounds. She was born in Reading, England, in 1982 at Royal Berkshire Hospital in the Carole Stewardess family and Michael Middleton pilot British Airways. In the mid-1980s, Kate lived for several years in Amman, Jordan, where her father was sent to British Aiways. Since childhood, Kate has been very angry and has excelled in tennis, hockey on grass, basketball and volleyball. In adolescence, he discovered a new passion: cooking. The neighbors say it's unique in making tarts and cakes.

Kate Middleton wears number 43 on shoes

Few know that she has number 43 on the shoe, which helped her tremendously to excel in the physical exams during college and faculty. Kate first met her future husband in 2001 when they both studied at St. Louis University. Andrews and lived in St. Salvador. They didn't have a quiet relationship, and Kate admitted several times to colleagues that William liked girls who were bigger than he, because he wanted to be dominated by his partner. Kate is six months older than William and has managed to earn his respect after competing in several tennis, basketball and hockey games on the grass.

Kate has a master's degree in art history

Kate has a master's degree in art history and was well-known in college as one of the most rebellious students, although she never had behavioral skirmishes. As a member of the British Royal Family, she has three noble titles: the Cambridge Duchess of England, the Scottish Strathearn Countess and the Barrick of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. Before she married Prince William, Kate worked part-time as a purchasing expert for Jigsaw Junior. The first public appearance of Prince William's partner was caused by the launch of a Royal Navy boat in Trearddur Bay, Wales.

Kate barely accepted in 2016 to enter a fashion magazine

Kate's sister, Pipa, 35, was greatly appreciated at the Royal Wedding in 2011, when many thought she had stolen her heartbeat Harry. Kate's brother, James, is a successful businessman who is kept away from public life so as not to harm his sister's image. Although she never seemed to want to be the Queen of Britain, Kate has managed to gain admiration for her profession. William is the second successor to Prince Charles, and the third is Prince George, five years old. It was not until June 2016 that Kate accepted to appear in a magazine and released for Vogue, and the article spread on 10 pages.

In addition to cooking, Kate is passionate about photography

Kate is one of the most beloved figures in the British Royal House after the 2011 wedding celebrated herself on the market: tea bags, clothes, pizza recipes and even cakes. Thanks to her active lifestyle, she first received a tandem bike from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Kate is called the "mother" of the parent community in Britain because of charity activities and campaigns dedicated to children, but also charity actions aimed at supporting unmarried young children. One of Kate's secret passions is the photographer: she has several collections of photos made by her even from the time of study she only refers to her acquaintances.

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Kate Middleton had 25 holdings during her visit to Canada

Kate is one of the most elegant public figures in the world. She wore 25 different outfits during a tournament in Canada and Los Angeles, USA in July 2011. Thanks to this tournament, a phenomenon called "Middleton effect" was launched: that is, some clothing she's being sold as being hot bread. It is obvious that the Duchess of Cambridge is not too much to wear when it comes to clothing. She wears garments that do not exceed a total of 1,200 pounds, just like a bag from my brother Meghan Markle.

The Middleton family has become a millionaire from events

Kate, Michael and Carol Middleton have set up a company that organizes events and is estimated at over £ 30 million. On the wedding anniversary of 2011, Kate Queen Elizabeth II's tiara, created by Cartier in 1936, was commissioned by Queen Mother and donated to Queen Elizabeth II. At the wedding, Kate had a wedding dress with a three-meter train that was copied by several international fashion houses. The train was held during the procession of the bride's sister, Middleton Pipes.

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