Kate Middleton: Dude Kate deeply shocked by baby drama

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Sad news for Kate Middleton: Her friend almost lost her baby.
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While Kate Middleton and her family spent a relaxed Christmas in SandringhamThe Duchess Kate player Emma Sayle's friend went through terrible things. Because as it became known, Kate's best friend almost lost his little daughter for Christmas. The British news portal "dailymail.com" had reported the dramatic event.

Kate Middleton in shock: Baby drama about her friend Emma Sayle

As a result, Emma's daughter Maly died of pneumonia on Christmas days and almost died of it. "We thought we would lose her," Emma told The Daily Mail. "I've never been so scared in my life." The condition of the little Maly deteriorated on Christmas Eve so much that the little girl had to be taken by ambulance to the Royal London Hospital in London's Whitechapel district.

Emma Sayle almost lost her baby at Christmas

"She couldn't breathe and was in an incubator, Maly was attached to the tube and I couldn't even lift her up – I felt so helpless," quotes the Daily Mail Duchess Kate's long girlfriend. "I prayed and asked Maly to survive." Her prayers were answered. The little Maly is on the way to recovery, they say. She was even allowed to come home to her siblings.

Sex scandal over Duchess Kate's girlfriend

Kate Middleton and Emma Sayle have known each other for many years. Together, the two women shouted at Emma's shouting club "The Sisterhood". Several years ago Emma made headlines with her shop Killing Kittens, which organizes "elite sex parties". After the sex scandal became known to EmmaSayle, the Queen should have been anything but enthusiastic about Kate's friendship with Emma Sayle. But the Duchess Kate is allegedly being held in friendship today.

Duchess Kate: Girlfriend Emma still thinks about her today

But what the relationship between the two women looks like today is unknown. But one thing is certain: For Emma, ​​Kate is still an important part of her life. During the difficult hours of the hospital, Emma continued to think of her friend Kate, she told the Daily Mail. "I couldn't think of my old friend over Christmas because we now have three children of the same age." Emma says.

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