Kate Middleton and Prince William: Drowned, Duchess Kate had to be carried to the house

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Yes, too Royals are just ordinary people. Because, as it comes out, even Kate Middleton (36) and Prince William (36) have sometimes seen too deep into the glass. You can't imagine it? So wait and see!

Classmates talk about the alcohol escapades by Kate Middleton and Prince William

As former classmates of the British prince fail, William is said to have landed in a bush after a night of drinking. The embarrassing incident was revealed in the documentary "When Kate Met William: A Tale of Two Lives" from 2011. The couple's former classmate, Helen McCardle, says, "I remember William coming back and falling into a bush."

Prince William fell in a bush, Duchess Kate had to be carried

"He had to be picked up by bodyguards, who, as the rumor goes, should have gone a detour to avoid the annoying photographer." But not only Prince William is said to have put a memorable McCardle alcoholic appearance. "I remember Kate having to be carried to her room by one of the Eton boys because she couldn't go and was full." Duchess Kate seemed to have forgotten her own mistake.

Kate Middleton suffers so much from the Prince's party creations

According to recent reports, Williams's side at St Andrew's College is said to have destroyed his relationship with his wife, Kate, almost. The British "Express" according to Williams, when celebrating the escapades was also the reason for the separation in 2007 has been.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: That's why it almost broke up

The relationship between Kate and William stopped in 2007 after the Duchess was "humiliated" by Prince's habits, Express reports. Jessica Jayne's book "The Duchess of Cambridge: How Kate Middleton Has Been A Future Queen" claims that three years before her engagement with William, Kate completed her job at Fashion House Jigsaw "to think of her relationship with Prince William." It will claim that Kate asked her love for William when she learned that he preferred to go to the club with his friends instead of seeing them. It was a humiliation for Kate, as a picture of William with two girls appeared in the tabloids, claims Jessica Jayne.

Fortunately, Prince William and Kate Middleton found each other again. 2011 finally followed the dream break in front of an audience of millions. Their happiness was crowned by three beautiful children – Prince George (5), Princess Charlotte (3) and Prince Louis (8 months).

Sophia Thomalla shows drunken royal

By the way: Duchess Kate and Prince William have already been photographed while celebrating together. Can't you remember that? Take a closer look at this rare find by presenter Sophia Thomalla.

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