Karol G confirms the operations she has submitted

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Colombian singer Karol G has announced that she has gone through the operation four times in an interview for the program googling by FM. Despite how much one has speculated about her successful and worked figure, the paisa artist said only one of these operations was for aesthetic reasons.

Reguetonera said that the reason she underwent cosmetic surgery was to enlarge her breasts and that the other three surgeries were for health problems.

Carolina Giraldo – the real name of the Colombian – also admitted under the local program that, when acting in other countries, she is often confused with Becky G, with whom she refused to make the song Sin Pijama because she considers it degradation for women, something who has generated her controversy after putting a nude photo of her boyfriend Anuel AA in bed.

In 2018, Karol had his musical top moment when he won a Latin Grammy Award. He has also collaborated with major exponents of the genre and even begun a media relationship with the Puerto Rico ragman Anuel AA.

Currently, the singer is promoting her single Believe me, with Maluma, and it has been a success. The video adds 89 million views in just two months.

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