Karine Ferris nude pictures in TPMP, the host goes out of silence: "It was made voluntary to hurt me"

adminNovember 29, 2018

At the end of October, pictures of Karine Ferri were sent to Touche pas à mon Poste. Today, the host finally comes out of silence.

Karine Ferri decided to confide in Paris about these pictures. The young mother still blames the battle. As a reminder, Cyril Hanouna had released in the late October old photos taken by her, not My Post on the C8. Proud and forbidden photos.

"I did these pictures 18 years ago at the age of 18 years. An age where we are naive and trusted. They were sold without my knowledge, without my knowledge, and ended up in a magazine and somewhere else, as if I had set up for them. Which is incorrect. I would never have done that. There was theft and breach of trust. I complained immediately. I won the lawsuit in 2004 and they have been banned from broadcasting."

"It's violent"

The co-host of Dance with the Stars and The Voice Kids was very surprised that these pictures appeared in TPMP. "It was done intentionally to harm (…) Me, I am thinking of children and young people who are watching his show, or some youngsters harassed in the school world. (talking about Cyril Hanouna) ? Send these photos slowly at peak times, in a program that brings together one million viewers, many of them young, are inappropriate. Like mom, I do not like to find myself with my children in front. It's violent, out of context. Where is goodwill? If we, on television, we do not move, if we go, where is the example given?"

Karine Ferri talks to the Parisian of "moral harassment"from the show."I did not understand this violence, this mercy. I have never done television to harm or hurt. I do not like controversy. I have always presented programs that convey beautiful values. I do this job because I love it and out of love to the public, and I did not expect it. This is not the first time things do not touch my post, it's even often at home. "

"When we love someone, we do not do it"

After the events, Cyril Hanouna had told his regrets, and he deeply loved the host. What she reacted to the Parisian. "Before that, our relationship was polite. Beyond all this he is a character that undoubtedly has talent. But when he talks about love, let me tell you that we do not have the same definition. When we love someone, we do not. He even said he had offered to work for him. This is wrong. Today we can not afford anything to play rankings."

As a reminder, Karine Ferri decided to notify CSA and settle in housing C8, Cyril Hanouna and the company's H2O Productions. Harassed on social networks by TPMP fans, the young woman decided to close her Twitter account.

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