Karine Ferri talks for the first (and last) time on the distribution of her "private photos" in the TPMP

adminNovember 29, 2018

FOKUS – In a long interview with the Parisian host "Danse avec les stars" Karine Ferri returned to the events that led her to "declare war" on Cyril Hanouna. A delicate period she plans to turn the page on.

It is time for Karine Ferri. The time to deliver their truths too. A few days before the long-awaited final to "The Voice Kids" and especially "Dance with the Stars" on TF1, Karine Ferri gave an interview with Parisian. Sometimes on the verge of tears, she returns to the business that affected her in recent weeks, starting with the collision with Cyril Hanouna.

"If I had the choice, I would not talk about it anymore, but it's a must," says the 36-year-old brunette, echoing the naked pictures that were broadcast on the show "Touche pas à mon poste" Cyril Hanouna on C8, last 31st of October.

"I did these pictures 18 years ago, at the age of 18 years: an age of naivety and trust, sold without my knowledge without me knowing it and found myself in one of a magazine and somewhere else as if I had asked for them. What is wrong. I would never have done that. There was theft and breach of trust I complained immediately, she says Parisian.

But what she mostly owes Cyril Hanouna is to have revealed these clichés without telling her about it. "Eighteen years later, these photos come out without permission, why?" What is the idea? We make TV to bring out each other's records. This was done voluntarily to harm. "

Following this information, Karine Ferri decided to file a complaint against the chain and the production box "Do not touch my job" while pointing out "moral harassment" she suffered, she said. "That was exactly what I felt, I did not understand this violence, this relentlessness," she says. Before recording a show that intends to create buzz: "This is not the first time things go in" Do not touch my job ", is often home.

If she refuses to be a "security victim" today, Yoann Gourcuff's companion will no longer hear about the host of C8. "Before, our relationship was polite and beyond that he is a talented character, but when he talks about love, let me tell you that we do not have the same definition. When we love someone, we do not."

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