Karen Gillan, of Marvel, thinks of Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 3 will still happen

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe can be a well-oiled machine for the most part, but it is not without occasional controversies. During Phase Three, everything happened without problems, until Guardians of the Galaxy The director / writer James Gunn was suddenly fired by Disney. This decision was made when the offensive tweets of Gunn of a decade resurfaced, which led Marvel to separate from its more visionary director.

Since then, the future of Guardians of the Galaxy The franchise has not been clear, since it is almost incomprehensible to think that the group works without the voice and perspective of Gunn. Guardians 3 it has been delayed indefinitely, and the cast has expressed support for its director. Karen Gillan (also known as Nebula) recently spoke about the current status of the franchise, and seems to hope that the threequel eventually happens, saying:

The recent appearance of Per Karen Gillan in the Shoot this now Podcast, it seems that not even Nebula knows what is happening at Marvel Studios. The situation with James Gunn is a new territory for the franchise, and is especially complicated due to the specific director and the franchise involved.

Considering the time that the MCU has been releasing films, the directors have been replaced several times. Franchises like Captain America, Iron Man Y Thor they have been transmitted with relative ease, without any significant interruption in the general history. But most properties are not Guardians of the Galaxy.

The brief joint project won a lot of money when it debuted in 2014, presenting a lesser-known group of Marvel characters to a wide audience. James Gunn put his perspective, his sense of humor, his taste for music, and even his dance moves in both films of the franchise, a method that worked as gangsters.

So once James Gunn was suddenly fired by Disney, it seemed that the Guardians The franchise could be dead. After all, how could it work without Gunn? The director has also recently finished his first draft of Guardians 3of the script, and it is not clear if it will be used to develop the threequel. Actor Dave Bautista has maintained that he would quit his role if Gunn's draft was not used, so there's a ton of balls in the air for fans' favorite property.

The guardians of the galaxy, including Nebula, will return to the Marvel cinematic universe when Avengers 4 It arrives at the cinemas on May 3, 2019. Meanwhile, check out our list of 2019 releases to plan your trips to the cinema in the New Year.


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