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adminNovember 26, 2018

The filmmakers completed Amnesty's main shooting, which will bring a story about totalitarianism in 1989 and President Vaclav Havel's amnesty. The film, with several famous faces, will be featured on the 30th anniversary of the Twilight Revolution. Teaser has posted to them these days.

The film is produced by the production company Azyl Production in co-production with RTVS, HomeMedia Production and the Czech manufacturing company Endorfilm. The story of the film was the book by Radovan Dunaj Amnestia, who let go of hell.

Jonas Karasek, who also directed the film Candidate or Dogg's Horror, met at the director's chair. The new film will include Slovak and Czech actors, including Juraj Bača, Natalia Germani, Marek Majeský, Jana Oľhová and Marek Vašut with Aňa Geislerová.

"The Amnesty captures world controlled by state police, where dissidents communicate with secret news, a world where people are family members and long for freedom," says producer Peter Veverka.

He added that J. Karásek and the creative team managed to shoot a movie full of emotions, actions and huge performances. "I think that the resulting movie will be an authentic reflection of our story, moving the viewer on time and giving insight into events that fundamentally changed our society," said P. Veverka.

The published teaser is based on real images of the Leopoldov Prison, where Communist forces have captured a number of political prisoners and archives from 1989 and 1990. It was directed by J. Karásek, music composed by Matúš Široký.

"We did a total of 10 days in prison. I realized that it was extremely difficult to survive in prison for several years just because you disagreed with the communist regime. For example, Václav Havel used five years of imprisonment," he said about shooting at Leopolds producer and one of the scorsese authors Maroš Hečko.

Drama surgeon Maja Hriesik said that the Amnestia film was inspired by the decision of the first president of the pontific Czechoslovakia to make a great amnesty a fundamental reboot for four decades of non-freedom.

Instead of hatred of hatred and desire for poetry or bias, he wished everyone should begin again. The paradox and the moment in the film is that this well-meaning goal results in outstanding aggression.

Observations from Leopoldov PrisonSource: Azyl Production

"The characters in the film are controversial heroes, they will be free and in the new world born, they are better than they had before. For each one, the term freedom is different. Their positions on the starting line are also different. Some of them turn to new opportunities faster, others on the chess board to change relationships, and in fear of their future they are desperate. It's our movie, "added M. Hriesik.

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