Karanvir Bohras Bigg Boss 12 trips

adminDecember 30, 2018

Karanvir Bohra Bigg boss 12 finalist
Karanvir Bohra barely participated in the tasks at Bigg Boss 12.

The TV heartbeat Karanvir Bohra was expected to bring a lot of excitement inside the house, but he fizzled straight from the word and could never really pick up the pace.

But all that said, Karanvir aka KV managed to find a place among the five finalists of Bigg Boss 12. Whether he deserves it, it's another argument, but before the winner of this season is announced, here's a glimpse at KV's Bigg Boss 12 travel.

Karanvir failed strategy

In what came to begin with as his strategy to observe and understand things, it remains to the end. KV could never raise its bar.

KV remains a snooze test

Call him to furniture in the house or someone who should have left in the first eviction itself, but Karanvir's presence had no impact. He lived his own life even inside the house, and he seemed to have enjoyed his stay. He followed the "eat-sleep-repeat" policy to perfection!

Karanvir also lacks tasks

He could never bring credit to his team, or make himself safe from nominations. That's because he was someone you could never trust. He never picked fights, never took a position, never had an opinion and never participated in tasks in full. Never, never, never!

Deepak Romil Karanvir in the bigg boss
Towards the end of Bigg Boss 12, Karanvir became friends with Deepak and Romil.

Karanvir friends

Did he have any friends? KV stayed away from bonding with anyone too. While his first friendship with Sreesanth, Dipika and Srishty Rode did not last long, during the week, he tried to be around Deepak and Romil. But then no one could trust him.

KV and Salman

Salman had a special something for KV every weekend. No, there was no presence, but some hard words to pick him up. But after a while, it seemed that Salman gave up on him. His non-participation kept him out of sight, out of mind during the nominations and finally safe through Bigg Boss 12.

Karanvir, the winner?

They say slow and stable wins the race. Well, KV stays slowly throughout the season. But is there anyone who wants to see him as the winner too? We are quite dubious!

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