During his visit to the White House Oval Office, Kanye West told President Donald Trump that his friends tried to scare him by wearing his Make America Great Again hat.

Many people had Strong reactions to comments from Kanye West praising President Donald Trump during his meeting at the White House on Thursday.

And then there's T.I.

The Atlanta rapper, who collaborated with & # 39; Ye on the 2006 song "Swagga Like Us," West did not publicly make friends in an NSFW post on Instagram.

"At one point it was a pleasure to work with you … now, I am ashamed to have been associated with you," he wrote. "I have reached my limits, this is my stop, officially DONE !!!!"

YOU. He preceded his essay by saying: "Now I have been extremely patient and I proposed not to jump to any premature conclusions about Ye and his pranks," adding that he had handled similar incidents related to his brother. "But now this (expletive) is the next level, futuristic Sambo, Bob jumping, Stephen out of Django (expletive) … You guys!"

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Judging by T.I.'s Instagram post, he will not be doing anything but arrogant with his former friend Kanye West. (Photo: Mark J. Terrill, AP)

The rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., revealed that he had rejected West's invitation to join him in the White House and called the meeting "the most repulsive, shameful and shameful act of desperation and soul auction to win " power that I've never seen. "(If he had left and West had behaved that way" without turns ", T.I said he would have felt" forced to slap you, brother, for the people! ")