Kanye West delivers a 10-minute monologue in the Oval Office of the White House during his visit to President Donald Trump and NFL legend Jim Brown.

Kanye West continues to face the reaction of his strange week.

The radio host "Breakfast Club" Charlamagne that God canceled his next TimesTalks with the controversial rapper, saying it would not be "productive". The two spoke on Wednesday in New York City about the negative stigma surrounding mental health within the black community.

"Normalizing mental health is a conversation I really wanted to have with Kanye because he has expressed his mental health problems," Charlamagne wrote in an Instagram post on Monday. Your message was attached with an event brochure that read "CANCELED".

The radio announcer continued: "Unfortunately, I think having that conversation with him at this time would not be productive and a total distraction from the point of view of eradicating the stigma of mental health, especially in the black community."

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The New York Times, which sponsors the show, reflected the change of plans on its website: "Charlamagne tha God and Kanye West have canceled their appearance for a TimesTalks scheduled for October 17."

The cancellation comes less than a week after West's highly publicized meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, a spontaneous trip to Uganda and the rapper's return to Twitter with a rant about "mind control."

Although Charlamagne did not mention specific reasons about how "TimesTalks" would not be productive, "West's mental health status has been questioned by some social media users after his bizarre behavior.

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During a strange monologue in the Oval Office last week, Kanye announced that he had been wrongly diagnosed with a bipolar disorder when in reality he was only deprived of sleep.

He doubled over this claim during a equally peculiar dispossession on Twitter on Saturday, adding that he is not crazy as shown by the media: "Everything is part of a system to control your mind, to control my mind, to make me look like I am crazy about you, I am not crazy, I can increase if I suffer from Lack of sleep ".

West's continued antics have met with a backlash from the black community, including rapper T.I., who said he was "embarrassed to have been associated with you at some time."

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This would not have been the first time that West and Charlamagne talk about mental health. In May, the rapper revealed to Charlamagne that the robbery of his wife, Kim Kardashian West, contributed to her downward spiral in 2016, which resulted in hospitalization, and shed light on her relationship with Jay-Z and admiration for President Trump.

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