Kanye West delivers a 10-minute monologue in the Oval Office of the White House during his visit to President Donald Trump and NFL legend Jim Brown.

Kris Jenner showed off her diplomatic skills while talking about the Oval Office meeting of her son-in-law Kanye West during an appearance on Friday in "The show by Ellen DeGeneres".

When the TV presenter addressed the issue, she admitted that Jenner finds herself in a "difficult position" when it comes to discussing West's nearly 10-minute monologue from his Oct. 11 meeting with President Trump in which he spoke. about the lack of men. energy in his family, how to wear a "Make America Great Again" cap made him feel like Superman and how he was wrongly diagnosed with a bipolar disorder when in reality he was only deprived of sleep. "But at some point, it seems we have to address (that)," said DeGeneres.

Jenner said the soliloquy of West's stream of consciousness was "very spontaneous," adding that he mentioned hydrogen-powered aircraft. "I was like," Oh, my God, that's very Kanye. "Even so, she admitted," I'd rather have him share some of those things in private. "That would be great, but I have to be able to show him that I'm here if he needs me. "

DeGeneres, who said he has known West for a long time, then tackled a struggle that affects many family members of people with mental health problems: "Is he allowing you to be there? … I know that side of him , but right now, We're seeing a different side of him. "

Jenner confirmed: "You've known him for a long time, I've known him for a long time and he has different sides to him, and this is a side nobody has seen before."

DeGeneres then wondered how West's best friends and family could support him: "What we do not want is for people to pile up because they're in a very vulnerable state right now, and I think they need help. We want to be there for him, "but it has to be very difficult for you, for Kim, for everyone, because it's your family."

Jenner admitted: "It's a lot."

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The "mother" of the Kardashian clan // Jenner / West said that she and her daughter Kim know they can not control what he or others do.

"You all know, you have children and you could have a totally different opinion about something," he reasoned. "Well, his (opinions) are very strong and he is very critical, he has a great voice and he has a lot to say."

Adding a bit of lightness to the situation, Degeneres said: "Yes, and he has access to the White House."

Summary: Kanye is still 10 minutes soliloquy, refers to the Superman cape and swears in the White House

Transcription: Here is every word of the strange meeting of Kanye West with President Trump

YOU. criticizes Kanye West for the Trump meeting: "I'm ashamed to have been associated with you once"

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