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adminDecember 30, 2018

NEW YORK – • It's a Christmas gift that Kim Kardashian doesn't return to the store to switch it to something else.

Not when the gift, from the man Kanye West, 41, is a $ 14 million ($ 19 million) condo in Faena House, one of Miami Beach's most exclusive condominiums, the gossip portal TMZ reported.

The 4,700 sq ft property allegedly houses four bedrooms, 51/2 baths and a wraparound terrace facing the ocean.

The couple, who married in 2014, have three children – North, Five, Saint, Three and Chicago, 11 months.

West earlier this year, Santa played for his wife 38, and gave her a US $ 1 million check and part-ownership of his Yeezy shoes and clothing business, for a Mother's Day reward.

But he is unlikely to be generous and extend an invitation to Drake, 32, to visit the Miami Beach home.

West, who has been involved in an online saliva with the Canadian rapper, recently wrote, "I never knew tomorrow that Drake was following my wife on Instagram back in September."

"Imagine having a problem with someone and they follow your wife on Instagram," he spoke.

West had claimed in previous posts that Drake was a threat.

"So Drake if something happens to me or someone from my family, you are the first suspect – then cut the tough talk system," warned West.

Meanwhile, another celebrity has also completed the year with a fabulous gift. Taiwan's superstar singer Jay Chou got an expensive car from his wife, actress model Hannah Quinlivan, 25.

But he had to take a roundabout route to get into the driver's seat.

She first sent him on a scavenger hunt that started with a little in a little shoe box, and he ended up finding a brand new Lamborghini Urus in the garage.

The car, touted as the world's fastest sports car, can reach a top speed of 305kmh and 100kmh in just 3.6 seconds.

The car is also an early gift for the car collector Chou, which will be 40 next month.

In Singapore, Urus sells $ 799,000, without a rights certificate.

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