Kanye West Face Tattoo? Kim Kardashian says there is no way (EXCLUSIVE)

adminNovember 24, 2018

It is possible that her hair was recently dyed pink, but apparently Kanye West's creativity could have been much worse. In addition to his cotton candy curls, he has also thought about experimenting with a little ink. Fortunately, however, Kim Kardashian closed all that. Because the rapper was not only thinking about getting a new sleeve in his arms, he legitimately wanted a tattoo on his face. It seems that borrowing her box of pink hair dye is great with Kim, but expressing herself in other forms of body art in her head is just one step too far.

However, he does not just want a small tattoo. "He wants to get two small tattoos on his face!" Says a source. Contact Magazine. According to them, the 41-year-old artist has been flirting with the decision for a while. "Kanye has come up with some crazy ideas, but this could be the stupidest one so far." Seriously, this guy has been dating wayyyy too many SoundCloud raptors lately.

Luckily, the keeping up with the Kardashians Star thinks the whole idea is a mess, too. Although the ink had a special meaning ("I wanted to have the initials of his deceased mother, Donda, and his three children on his forehead," the source points out), Kim, 38, said no. He put his foot down, but there could be one thing that could change his mind in the future. After all, the initials of someone on that list were missing.

"Everyone started talking that if Kanye had said he was tattooing Kim's name on his face," says the source, "I could have left him!" Hey, if that's not love, we do not know what it is. And it's nothing new to anyone that Keeks love a big gesture when it comes to romance. This is the couple who engaged in a baseball stadium not during the game, but after the rapper rented the whole place so they could have it all for themselves. But nobody reminds Kanye about that, okay? It's just not a great image, and nobody wants to follow in the footsteps of 6ix9ine.

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