Kanye West donates $ 73,540 to Amara Enyia, mayoral candidate of Chicago | Music

adminOctober 23, 2018

Kanye West has donated $ 73,540 to the mayoral candidate of Chicago Amara enyia, when he launches a campaign to confront the main candidate, Rahm Emanuel.

A spokesperson for the Enyia campaign thanked West for his "generous action." Enyia has already used the money to pay the fees and debts owed to the Illinois State Board of Elections, due to a previous mayoral campaign in 2015, which means it can now be included on the ballot.

Compared to Emanuel, who served as chief of staff at the White House during Barack Obama's presidency, Enyia is a relatively external candidate, Chicago native and community organizer who has focused on economic development in some of the areas most disadvantaged in the city.

His campaign has the support of another high profile musician, Chance the Rapper, winner of a Grammy, who struggled to overcome Enyia last week. The Chicago rapper has donated millions of dollars to the city's public schools through his charity SocialWorks, and some thought he was a potential mayoral candidate. But at a press conference on October 16, Chance denied that he had political aspirations, rather than side with Enyia, saying: "I would like to say, very narcissistically, if I support you, you have an opportunity, absolutely."

Chance the rapper and Amara Enyia.

High profile backup … Chance the Rapper and Amara Enyia. Photography: Joshua Lott / Getty Images

Chance said he would lead a voter registration campaign, especially among young people in Chicago. "Amara and I share values ​​and a vision for Chicago that includes an equitable education for our children, the reform of our criminal justice system and the provision of new types of economic opportunities to our communities without causing displacement," he added, saying that "They share a vision about what Chicago could be, we believe in financially supporting the people who are in the base, the people who have just been canceled."

Enyia said that she and Chance would be doing a "joint campaign": "Usually, with celebrity endorsements, it's a kind of flash in the tray, a one-time contract … In fact, we're going to be working together and doing a joint campaign … essentially until the end of the electoral cycle. " The couple should appear today at a rally, to discuss "gentrification and displacement" in the Woodlawn neighborhood. Chance's father, Ken Bennett, is the campaign manager of a rival mayoral candidate, Toni Preckwinkle.

Meanwhile, West continues his high-profile political backing after his recent meeting with Donald Trump in the White House, in which he told the president: "We're going to make the United States big." Stanley Moore, a county commissioner campaigning for Preckwinkle, said: "If you accept money from a person like Kanye West, are you also supporting your position on Donald Trump?"

In an interview with Guardian earlier this year, Enyia called on Emanuel to resign as mayor, after comments he made for the city's communities to do more to control the violent crime that has plagued Chicago in recent years. "Now, after a tragic weekend, do you ask that the community intensify? He needs to take a step forward, in fact, he needs to resign, because you have been here for eight years and this is the result of his leadership, "he said." Violence is not a police problem, it is the manifestation of our policy failures. public in all areas ".

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