Kanye West donates $ 73,540 to Amara Enyia, candidate for Mayor of Chicago

adminOctober 23, 2018

On Monday, rapper Kanye West donated $ 73,540 to Amara Enyia's long-running mayor campaign, six days after Chance the Rapper's celebrity endorsement elevated Enyia in the busy race to replace Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The infusion of cash also comes 11 days after West spoke in person with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

The important donation is the first concrete sign that Chance's surprise support to Enyia translates into cash for the woman who currently serves as executive director of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, who needs to appear before the voters of Chicago to have some hope to stand out in the crowd.

A political strategist not aligned with anyone in the race by the mayor said that Enyia's campaign is "becoming real" with Kanye's contribution.

"If Chance does a concert for her, she can raise several hundred thousand in a day," said the strategist.

At the end of the third quarter, Enyia reported having only $ 67.54 in the bank.

The candidate said she has already used West's contribution to settle a debt of $ 73,540 with the Illinois State Board of Elections derived from filing fees and fines that were never paid, which must be resolved before she can enter the mayor's ticket.

"The debt of $ 73,540 to the Illinois State Board of Elections was paid in full," the Enyia campaign said in a statement emailed.

"The Amara Enyia campaign thanks Chicago native Kanye West for her generous action. The Amara campaign is energizing the people of the city with bold ideas and solutions that move Chicago forward. We are excited to involve people from all walks of life as we focus our efforts on getting to the ballot. "

County Commissioner Stanley Moore, who supported county board chairman Toni Preckwinkle for mayor, said Enyia's decision to accept West's donation opens a new line of questions.

"If you accept money from a person like Kanye West, do you also support your position on Donald Trump?" Moore said.

"Kanye West has made comments in the past that slavery is the slave's fault." He has spoken of abolishing the 13th Amendment.This opens the door for Amara to answer questions about whether or not she is embracing these same philosophies. of Trump that harm African-Americans? "

Enyia did not return the phone calls.

Last week, Enyia told the Chicago Sun-Times that Chance was not just launching his celebrity power and strength to raise funds behind his candidacy. He is giving you his time and ideas on how to deal with the most disturbing problems in Chicago.

"Usually, with celebrity endorsements, it's kind of flash-in-the-pan, a one-time contract … Actually, we're going to work together and do a joint campaign … essentially until the end of the electoral cycle, "he said. so.

Chance the Rapper and Amara Enyia said they will work to register people to vote in the upcoming elections. | Ashlee Rezin / Sun-Times

Chance the Rapper and Amara Enyia said they will work to register people to vote in the upcoming elections. | Ashlee Rezin / Sun-Times

"We have many planned events in which we will talk about key issues related to the Chicago economy, about education, many things that we have been active in. We also have many grassroots events that we will do in the community … just gathering people. , of course, also to raise funds, and taking advantage of all our networks to … create a wave of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the campaign. "

The day she dramatically raised Enyia's candidacy with her celebrity endorsement, Chance promised to launch a "massive" voter registration campaign to be chosen.

"I would like to say very narcissistically, if I support you, you have an opportunity, absolutely," said the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist at a press conference at City Hall.


• Grant the rapper to join mayoral candidate Amara Enyia at the Woodlawn rally

• Chance the Rapper supports Amara Enyia as the next mayor of Chicago

• Who is Amara Enyia?

• Possibility for the rapper to lend ideas – not only the power of the stars – to Amara Enyia's campaign

When asked that day if he would also contribute to Enyia's insufficient funds campaign, Chance said it was a possibility.

"I have not done it yet, but we'll see, I have a lot of money, so I would be scared," he said.

Earlier this month, West wore a "Make America Great Again" cap during a meeting of the Oval Office with President Donald Trump.

The rapper talked to Trump about ways to reduce crime in Chicago and pressured the president to grant clemency to Gangster Disciples leader Larry Hoover, who is currently serving a life sentence in a federal prison in Colorado.

West also confronted Trump for his repeated call to give the Chicago police more powers to stop and search. Trump called a pact between the Chicago Police Department and the ACLU of Illinois "terrible."

Fresh out of a Soho House meeting with the Chicago police. Eddie Johnson and Michael Sacks, Emanuel's biggest campaign contributor, the rapper said: "We felt that stopping and registering does not help with the relationship in the city and everyone knew I was coming here and they said," Ask about stopping and to register".

After West spoke at length, Trump said he was "totally open" to any suggestion West has given him on how to deal with violence in Chicago. Trump did not comment on Hoover's request.

"They tried to scare me so I would not wear this hat," West said at the beginning of his riff.

"My dad and mom separated, so there was not much masculine energy in my home and I'm also married to a family where, you know, there's not much masculine energy," said West, who is married to reality. Show the star Kim Kardashian.

He said that when he put on his cap, "you made me feel like Superman."

Near the end of the Oval Office meeting, West walked behind the desk and hugged Trump.

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